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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Years Welcome 2019

It has been a while since I did a blog post. I have not been feeling all that great over the past couple months and I have been working a another project which I will take off and be successful in 2019. It this time, I still plan to continue to post here on the blog and plan on the blog to become part of the other project.

As I said before on the blog, I deal with depression. I continue to work on one issue that has affected my depression the most. Unfortunately, is is something I have to wait for other people to do something for me first before I can move on. Once the issue is taking care of, some other option will open up to me. It this point, it look like in will be March before I have another chance of it being done.

Work is going go for me. With that said, I am hoping that the projects that I am working on outside of work take off and provide enough income to where I can leave my job and work on doing things I enjoy doing for a living. I shall push through with the depression and get my online store back to making a profit and get this blog back up and running along with my other project going.

Ok, now to answer the question of what is this other project you have been working on? While for awhile I have been working on learn how to do videos. While I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee back in October, I met up with Will and Dawn who do a YouTube channel called Yankee in the South. Will encourage me to go ahead and start posting videos to my channel and learn as I go instead of worrying about getting everything project. Over the past few months, I have managed the post a few videos to my YouTube channel called Dan the Mountain Man. It this point, I plan to do videos about different places about where I live in Western North Carolina, cooking video, and some vlogging. I hope to be able to and plan on using this blog and my YouTube videos together. They both will take up a lot of time and force my to manage my time better if I am going to be successful at them. I will be the first to admit I am not good at managing my time.

Want happening in March will impact the direction I go with both the blog and videos but the people who are helping me with the issue believe thing will go in a good way for me. In this process of taking care of the issue, I have been let down before so I am not getting that excited about it. I am making plans for both ways it could turn out for me.

I hope to take a least one major trip in 2019, but I do not have anything planned yet. I have been talking with family about different ideas and looks at some non family things too. I have a few things to take care of before I can plan out a trip. One of them being helping my mom find a new job. The restaurant that she worked at closed down last week without notice. Mom lives with me and I help her out with a long of things. I am positive things will work out for my mom and her getting another job.

The Year 2018, was a challenging year for me and also a year of some blessings. I am hoping that 2019 goes better for me. The adventure of my life continues. I hope to come closer to my new friends and old friends alike. I know I will have some good times to share with all who will come along.

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