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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Taking My Sister Her Stuff

My sister Lisa just moved into a new group home in Leicester, North Carolina. Mom and I took Lisa, her stuff that she left at our house. She seems to be happy since she is closer a close friend of hers and her social worker. We have known two of the staff members for for years. One of the guys, Chris, who works there used to be best friends with my brother Tim when they were teenagers. Back in the day where you saw one you saw the other. His sister also works at the group home.

Mom and Lisa enjoying there visit.

The view from the group home.

Mom and I enjoyed our trip to there to see Lisa and her new place. We talked with Chris and his sister for a little. On the way back home mom and I enjoyed dinner at a Chinese buffet in West Asheville. Mom said she enjoyed her trip and dinner.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wacky Video Wednesday: Millennials in the Workplace Training Video

I found this video so funny. Thank God it not true of all Millennials. Unfortunately, it is true of a few of them.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trying To Get Back Into Doing Things

While it has been awhile since I regularly posted here. I am trying to get back into the swing of things with things outside of work. Getting started is the hardest part sometimes and I also have been dealing with a little depression the past few weeks. My depression is lifting. I have dealt with depression since my since teenage years. I have found ways to deal with it where I do not take medication. I am glad my depression has not been so bad I needed to take medication.

I plan on getting back to doing the Photo of the Week, this week. I also plan to get back into doing post for my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog. I need to get better at taking pictures of churches and cemeteries when I am out traveling around. I am doing some research to see it my new blog idea will be worth doing. It is involve one of my hobbies and I could also sell some of my props in my online store. I am only hoping the selling of the props will cover at least some of my expenses in buying the props. The most important thing is I believe I will enjoy doing the new blog once I get it going and keep it going.

I have a couple projects to do around the home. Most of them are organizing different things and rooms in the house and the garage. I also need to finish cleaning up the yard. I still have leaves in the backyard yard and along the one side of the house. Mom and I got started on cleaning and organizing the cabinets, thanks to a unwanted house guest. At least one field mouse has decided to make its winter home in our house. I am working on getting in out of the house. Mom cleaned out the cabinets under the counter and I worked on organizing the cans, boxes and jars. We will get some other things to finish organizing the cabinets.

Through owning a house can be trying at times, it is something the raises my spirits. It feels go to own your own house and not have to wait on someone else to call someone to fix an issue with the house.

I am looking forward for summer to get here so I can go hiking and swimming. I hope my friend, Seth, it heeled enough by then to go with me. He broke his leg a couple weeks ago. He is in a rehabilitation center now and should there for about 8 weeks. I am hoping to be in full swing of things by then and trying a couple new things too.