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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Helping Seth Out And Yardwork

After church today, I got right to work with my projects for the day. I needed to mow the grass and Seth asked me to help him with a project he is working on at his house.

I called Seth once I got out of church but got no answer. I went on home and started to get things ready to mow my yard. As I was checked things out in the yard and getting the lawnmower filled up with gas, I discovered a bird's nest above the window on my garage. Since the nest is up out of the way and the birds are not in danger, I will leave the nest alone until fall. It looks like the birds use the dryer lent from the dryer exhaust, which is on the other side of the walkway between the house and the garage, to build part of the nest. I do not know if their are eggs in the nest or not. I did not want to disturb the bird if they were still in the nest. It is nice to see some wildlife around the house as long as it stays outside the house. I have been thinking about getting some bird feeders to put up around the yard and maybe even a birdbath.

Seth, called we before I got the lawnmower ready to mow the yard. I got Rayna in the car and headed over to Seth's house. Seth is working on painting his work shed. He asked me to help put tape on the shed so he could do the trim with out getting the white paint on the blue paint that he already painted. I put the tape around the top part of the doors and windows. I also got did the top part of the shed since Seth is shorter then me and can reach it to go. He has another friend coming to help him do the painting part. The shed should look good once he gets the painting all done. He is going with the light blue with white trim.

Seth's Shed with the blue tape for paint.

After I helped Seth get the shed taped up for painting I drove home and mowed the yard. I managed to get it all done before it started the rain. The clouds looked like they were going to bust out rain at any moment as I was mowing the grass. The grass that I put down a few weeks around has grown in nicely. I do need to get some more seed to take care of a few more spots in the grass. I am glad I got the grass cut today because it needed to be cut and today was the only time this week I had to get it cut. I am going to be busy with work and getting ready for my trip to Charleston next week. I have Tuesday off for Independence Day but it is going to be taking up with holiday things and have another project for the house already schedule for Tuesday that I cannot put off any more.

I had a busy weekend with my different project around the house. I am sure I will have a busy week ahead. I am looking forward to my trip next week.

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