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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Charleston Trip July 10 -12, 2017: Fort Moultrie and Sullivan's Island

On Tuesday afternoon, Mom and I went out to Fort Moultrie and Sullivan's Island. We got to Fort Moultie in the last hour it was open so we did a quick tour and then we walked the beach of Sullivan's Island.

I enjoyed my visit to Fort Moultie then Fort Sumter. Fort Moultie's history goes back to the American Revolutionary War goes through World War II. Mom and I took a quick tour since we arrived late in the day. The fort and visitor center closes at 5. I would recommend at least an hour and half to get a good tour in to where you can take the fort in as a whole.

After the touring Fort Moultie, Mom and I walked along the beach of Sullivan's Island. Their are parking space for the beach all along the beach but parking is limited. We parked down next to the fort. It did not seem like to many people where parked on that end of the beach. You do have to walk a little to get to the part of the beach where people go swimming. The part near the fort is a great place to walk and take pictures. The whole beach seemed very relaxing to me.

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