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Monday, July 17, 2017

Charleston Trip July 10 -12, 2017: City Tour

my mom and I, sent three days in the in the Charleston area exploring around. I decided to break our trip up over several blog post for you. We enjoyed our trip. In My posts on Charleston, I will share a few tips on traveling in Charleston.

On Monday morning of our trip we took a carriage tour of the city of Charleston. We took a carriage tour run by the Palmetto Carriage Company, which is the oldest carriage tour company in Charleston. If you go to their stable at 8 Guignard Street, they have a platform where you can walk right into the carriage and do not have to climb into the carriage. The city tells the company switch zone to take you on tour of so you do not get to tour. The city does it so the streets do not get over crowned with carriages. I recommend going on a tour early in the morning before the heat of the afternoon. The carriage company will stop the tour when it get to hot for the horses.

For parking, there is a parking lot right by the stable but I would suggest parking at the parking deck by the South Carolina Aquarium which is 8/10 mile away. The parking lot by the stables need to be updated by the city since it is a city lot. How to pay and show you paid the fee for parking is confusing. The fee for parking is $10 and the sign says somethings about putting the your receipt in your car window. the problem is they board where you put your money does not print out a receipt. The parking deck at the aquarium is nicer and can by cheaper if you are not parking there the whole day. Besides it is easier to walk around Charleston then to drive.

After the carriage tour, mom and I took a walk along the battery and around White Point Garden. White Point Garden is a beautiful park with several memorials for the history of Charleston.

We eat lunch at the Noisy Oyster Seafood Restaurant, which is across the street from the Custom House and the Old Slave Market. I will do a post on the restaurants we eat at in a separate post. Mom and I walked through the market after we eat and brought a couple things. The Old Slave Market is where the slave would buy and sell to one another. It is not where the slave where brought and sold in Charleston.

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