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Monday, July 24, 2017

Charleston Trip July 10 -12, 2017: Food

Mom and I eat at some great restaurants while on are vacation in Charleston. My goal was not to eat at chain restaurants, try to keep it to local restaurants. I wanted to eat something I could not get at restaurants back at home. We had a couple places that people recommended to us and we just stopped at others. We enjoyed the places we eat. We eat breakfast at the hotel switch saved us time and money.

On Monday for lunch, we ate at the Noisy Oyster. The Noisy Oyster is at 24 N Market St in Charleston, which is at the corner of East Bay and Market Streets. It is right across the road from the Custom House and the City Market. Mom and I had the Fried Seafood Platter. They sell if at market price. It cost $25 the day we eat it which is a little more then want we normally would pay for about the same dish at a seafood restaurant. While we were on vacation and I hope it was fresh being we where closer to the ocean. It did taste good and had some flavor for friend food.

I liked the decor in the restaurant. They have some boats hanging from the ceiling and there is a shark. Then you have the breeze from the open air when you have the garage door windows open. I read a review complaining about it being open air and the traffic. I believe the openness adds to the restaurant. Besides, you are in the city the traffic is not the bad. I have seen worst traffic in my little city where I live. I enjoyed watching the car and people going about their day as I enjoyed my lunch. It is a great place to eat and people watch.

The boats and the shark

The seating, you can see the garage door then use as windows.

The view from our seat looking at the city market.

For Monday nights dinner, we eat at Page’s Okra Grill at 302 Coleman Blvd in Mount Pleasant. We had three people recommend us to eat at Page's Okra Grill. I am glad I listened to their recommendation. Page's Okra Grill has also been featured on Food Paradise - Southern Comfort Food on the Travel Channel. The show will air July 26th 11 am EST and August 12th 3 pm EST according to the restaurant's website. They have the best Shrimp and Grits, I have every had. The quality of the food is worth the wait. They have indoor and outdoor seating. I recommend eating inside. If you cannot find a parking spot in the main parking lot, their is additional parking across Lucas Street is a dirt lot. Out of the restaurants, we eat at, Page’s Okra Grill, is the one I am looking forward to eating at the next time I am in the Charleston area.

Chair outside Page’s Okra Grill

On Tuesday we did not stop any wear for lunch. We eat some small snacks through out the day. We eat dinner at Bacco Italian Restaurant at 976 Houston Northcutt Blvd in Mount Pleasant. They are located in a little shopping center at the corner of Houston Northcutt Blvd and Coleman Blvd. The outside maybe not be the most impressive but has with all good food, it is wants inside the counts. The dining area is very cozy. The food is very good. I had their Eggplant Parmigiana. It was the best Eggplant Parmigiana, I have had. It was full of flavor. I wish there was an Italian restaurant was good as this one close to where I live.

On Wednesday, we eat lunch at Melvin's Barbecue at 925 Houston Northcutt Blvd in Mount Pleasant before heading home. We eat there because we wanted to eat some barbecue and it was along US Highway 17. They have been serving barbecue since 1939 and have been featured on The Travel Channel's show "Delicious Destinations Charleston" with Andrew Zimmern. They have some good barbecue. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and I enjoyed it a lot. I liked their pickle and pepper bar, it was a nice touch to the restaurant. This was the closes we got to eating at a chain restaurant. I think they only have one other location near Folly Beach.

The sign above our table.

We enjoyed all the restaurant and would eat at all of them again when are in Charleston next time. I am looking forward to trying some of the other restaurants I saw but did not have time to try, too.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Charleston Trip July 10 -12, 2017: Boone Hall Plantation

Wednesday, was our final day of our Charleston Trip and we went to Boone Hall Plantation before we headed on home. Boone Hall Plantation is one of the oldest working plantations in North American. Mom and I went in the morning and stay to mid afternoon and still did not see everything the plantation has to offer to their guest. It is will worth the cost of admission to the plantation. They also offer a discount for Senior Citizens of 65+ and member of the Military and AAA.

They offer house tour of the main house which was built in 1936. It is a lovely house.

The gardens on both sides of the house are beautiful and the have signs telling you want some of the plants are.

This is the old smoke house. It is off to side of the garden by the house.

The Oak tree lined driveway is just wonderful to drive or walk down.

They still have nine of the original slave cabins. Each one has an different exhibit of Black History in American. At the last cabin you can see the performance of “Exploring The Gullah Culture,” which is full of tales I remember from when I was young.

You can see the building that housed the cotton gin. You will not be able to go inside because the building is unsafe but I bet it would be interest if you could.

They have some beautiful horses. The stables and field for the horses are for employees only but the horses do come up to people and let you pet them.

You can take a tour of the fields where they grow the crops. The tour guide we had made it very interesting and fun.

In behind the gift shop and cafe is a beautiful butterfly garden.

After our visit to Boone Hall Plantation, Mom and I made our way home. I would visit the plantation again and maybe check out some of the other attraction nearby it.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Charleston Trip July 10 -12, 2017: Fort Moultrie and Sullivan's Island

On Tuesday afternoon, Mom and I went out to Fort Moultrie and Sullivan's Island. We got to Fort Moultie in the last hour it was open so we did a quick tour and then we walked the beach of Sullivan's Island.

I enjoyed my visit to Fort Moultie then Fort Sumter. Fort Moultie's history goes back to the American Revolutionary War goes through World War II. Mom and I took a quick tour since we arrived late in the day. The fort and visitor center closes at 5. I would recommend at least an hour and half to get a good tour in to where you can take the fort in as a whole.

After the touring Fort Moultie, Mom and I walked along the beach of Sullivan's Island. Their are parking space for the beach all along the beach but parking is limited. We parked down next to the fort. It did not seem like to many people where parked on that end of the beach. You do have to walk a little to get to the part of the beach where people go swimming. The part near the fort is a great place to walk and take pictures. The whole beach seemed very relaxing to me.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Charleston Trip July 10 -12, 2017: Fort Sumter

Mom and I took a boat ride over to Fort Sumter in the Charleston Harbor while at Patriots Point. Fort Sumter is the location of the first shots of the American Civil War. Patriots Point is one of tow locations where you can board a boat to go to Fort Sumter. The other is a build next to the South Carolina Aquarium across the copper River in Charleston. On the boat trip you hear the history Charleston and several landmarks are pointed out.

It is a nice boat ride over to Fort Sumter. There is a snack bar on the boat switch is a little expensive but there are a couple items worth the price.

Fort Sumter as it is today.

When we first got into Fort Sumter.

A model of Fort Sumter right before the Civil War.

A section of the fort is blocked off because part of the brick wall fell.

The sleeping quarters which where three stories high. After to bombardment of the civil war, this is want was left.

A visit to Fort Sumter is a must for everyone who visits Charleston. Not only is it full of history but it offers great views of Charleston.