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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Happenings And Just Plan Busy

This summer is turning in to another busy summer. I have been busy at work with working overtime, trips, and taking care of everyday life stuff. I am amazed at the extra energy I have had since joining the gym. It has helped a lot with getting myself going and doing things.

Normal summer at work with the orders increasing and the amount of product going out the warehouse increasing. I hope I can set some of the extra money from the overtime aside and get more of my debt paid off. I am on track to have my car paid off by the end of the year. I may even get my student loan paid off too. Sometimes, I wish I could just quit my job. I enjoy the job itself but it is some of the people I work with that drive me crazy. I keep going because I am there to work and I like all the thing that having the job make possible.

I enjoyed my trip a couple weeks ago to Cowpens and Kings Mountain Battleground. I have some of the pictures from the trip being posted on Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. I have a couple trips planned coming up in the next couple weeks and months. The week after the Fourth of July, my mom and I are going down to Charleston, South Carolina for a few days. We have the hotel setup and have several activities planned. Then in August, I am planning to stay a couple days in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I love going to Gatlinburg. I am planning to go this time to check out how the area is recovering from the wildfires the burned the area in the past year.

I have been getting some stuff to sell on eBay from a friend. Now, I just need to get working on getting the stuff listed and sold. Once I get started on listing more books and other stuff I will get my sells back up. I have lose my Top Rated Seller rating since I have not been selling much. It should not take me long to get my sells up up in order to get the Top Rated Seller rating back.

Once I start selling stuff again on eBay it will be easier to get the house cleaned up. My office and garage are a mess with the things I need to get listed on eBay. The grass seed I planted a couple weeks ago is growing very nicely. It has helps that is has rained almost everyday since I put the grass seed down. I will have to buy some more to patch the other spots in the yard. It is nice to see the green instead of brown dead grass or dirt where I put the grass seed down. I have plans to get the garage organized too. I hope this fall to get to sets of shelves for the garage. I should be able to get a lot of stuff off the floor and on the shelves once I get them setup.

I am hoping the weather will be nice on the Fourth of July. We are planning to go see the fireworks in Tuxedo, North Carolina. Hope to have a little get together with the family as will.

The gym is going good. Even through, I have not been pushing myself to much in starting, my energy level in up. I have been working on my workout routine. I have even worked swimming laps in my workout schedule. It was nice to get in the pool and swim a lap and make use of one of many swimsuits I have. The prescription goggles have made swimming even better since I am not swimming blind now. Each day I have done my resistance training I have added a new weight machine or made the workout longer. For my cardio workout, I am working on learning how to use the setting on the treadmills and elliptical machines. I like the sitting elliptical that the Personal Trainer recommended that I use. It is just a matter of getting the right workout program set into the machine.

This summer have been a good one so far and looks like it will continue to be a good one. I look fore=ward to all the things, I was planned to do this year.

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