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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Some Times I Hate Shopping

I have a couple things on my shopping list that I go With is it being summer now and me joining the gym, I have found myself in the market for some shorts for both work and working out in. When I am in a sporting goods store check on a couple other things. The part I hate about shopping and I ran into it this weekend. Is not finding what I want in the stores or if they have it it is not the right color or size. I did find a pair of shorts that was close enough to what I want in workout shorts. The color was okay being blue but I would have been completely sold if it was purple. It was the right size I think. I just did not like the price. I do have a coupon I can print out to lessen the cost. I did find a swimsuit in the color I have been looking for but not in the size I need. I hate that the only colors I find in stores are black and navy. I can normally find different colors online. I still like shopping in brick-and-mortar store because you can feel and try on the clothes you buy. I am checking out some places online now. I may check a couple thrift stores too. When I have time I will check the outlet stores out and see want find there. I hope I find want I what soon.

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