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Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Musings: Darkness Comes

This is dedicated to a friend who struggles when the darkness comes.

Darkness Comes by Dan the Mountain Man

The darkness comes.
I can’t escape what comes.
I am scared, lonely.
Does anyone know?
Torture in my mind.
Does anyone listen?
Voices in my mind.
I’m scared, lonely.
Need a kind friend.
Not unwanted guest in my mind.
Struggle not to believe the voices in my mind.
Anyone believe me about the noise?
The darkness comes.
I can’t escape my mind.
Say it is only my mind.
It is more then my mind.
Can’t see your hand.
Only if I could.
Pull me to freedom.
I can’t escape.
The darkness comes.
The voices come.
I’m scared, lonely.

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