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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Meeting With Personal Trainer

Today, I had a meeting with the personal trainer at the gym. He went over my goals for workout and started developing a workout program to meet my goals. I will meet with him tomorrow afternoon to go over the workout program him designs for me. I am planning to start out with working out at least three times a week and doing more as I get into it. Losing a little weight is one goal but not my main goal. I want to get more energy and be healthier more importantly. Getting down to 200 pounds with be nice but getting rid of the belly is my goal. I am excited about getting back into a workout program. I eat a balanced diet already but will be making a few changes.

I also plan to try to get out and go places when I have Saturday off from work. Get out and get some walking in and work on different things for my blogs. Generally, try to have fun doing things I enjoy. I have been playing with my new computer and believe I will have fun creating post for the blogs and doing listings for my online store. I have already made a few minor changes to how I do the post to the blogs.

I am hoping that the working out will give me the energy I need to do the things I plan to do. I have just been crashing on my time off from work and not getting things done around the house, blogs and online store. Focus on managing my time better too. I am sure it will make my life better.

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