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Sunday, May 28, 2017

An Afternoon Of Yard Work

Today's projects were taking care of different yard issues. The biggest being mowing the yard. In the summer, I try to mow the grass once a week. I think it was three weeks ago when I moved the grass last. In the past three weeks, when I had the time to get out an mow, it was raining. When it it was not raining, I had other things to do, mostly taking try of the family.

I managed to get the weeds pulled out from around the brushes in front of the house. The brushes looks really good this year with the blooming. I also put down some grass seed in a couple patches where I had no grass or dead grass. I am not sure if I put enough grass down but I figure I can put more grass seed down if I need too.

I also made a trip to Lowe's and got a filter and oil for my lawnmower, a garden rake, and a weed eater. I already changed the filter and I will add some oil to the lawnmower the next time I use it. The garden rake will make it easier to clean the dead grass and spread the dirt when I put new soil from the compost pile down. I raked a little around the brushes after I pulled the weeds today. I heard it help things grown better if you loosen the soil and remove the dead grass around the yard. The weed eater will make it easier to cut the grass around the tress and brushes and the walkways.

The other project was cleaning out the car and checking the fluids in the car to get the car read for my trip tomorrow. Added a little bit of oil and some coolant. I hope the car is good to go now. I am looking forward to going to Cowpens and King's Mountain battlefields. I hope it does not rain much tomorrow or at least holds off until after five o'clock.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Garden Jubilee In Hendersonville

This afternoon, I walked around the Garden Jubilee on Main Street in Hendersonville, NC. I liked looking at the difference plants and other garden related items they had. I do not see anything I wanted to buy at this time but I got a few ideas for the yard when I can focus on it.

Japanese Maples from

I would like to get a Japanese Maple and a Ginkgo tree for the yard. I saw a old friend who sells them at the Garden Jubilee. I sent a little time talking with him and his dad. I hope by next spring I will have some extra money to start working on things around the house and yard. Part of my plans for the house is to redo the landscaping in the yard.

Garden Jubilee is an annual event in Hendersonville. This year do not seem to be as good as​in years past but it still have some interesting stuff.

I have been thinking of doing a bigger fire pit for my back yard. This was a display at the Lowe's section that I thought is a nice idea.

This fire place is a little over kill for my backyard but it was nice to look at. Both projects look simple enough to do myself to do in a day if I chose to do one of them.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Upcoming Plans

Thank you guys for being patient with me as I dealt with everything with my aunt passing and some other things going on. This weekend I have a couple things planned for the blog. On Saturday, they are having a Garden Jubilee on Main Street in Hendersonville, and I plan to take a look around. Which also reminds me I need to plan a day to do a post on the Bears this summer on Main Street, that is for later. I love going to the the Garden Jubilee to get some ideas for my yard. Monday, I am planning to goto Cowpens and King's Mountain Battlefields in South Carolina. They were the site for two battles in the American Revolution. I am looking forward to the trip and sharing it with you here. I hope the rain clears out over the weekend. It has rained everyday this week.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Aunt Sandy Has Gone Home

On Saturday afternoon of May 13, 2017, my aunt passed away. She was surrounded by family and friends. Please pray for my mother and my cousins.  Aunt Sandy has gone home to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus and her loving husband, Jonathan Harris.