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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Visiting My Aunt In The Hospital In Charlotte

Tuesday, I took a day off from work and heading down to Charlotte to see my aunt in the hospital. My mom and I, drove down to Lenoir, first to pickup my cousin, Johnny. Mom and I had a enjoyable ride down to Lenoir with a stop a a Waffle House in Asheville with a great view on the mountains. We got to Johnny's house a little after 1 and had a short wait for him to get home from work. After Johnny changed out of his work clothes we were off to Charlotte. We had a good trip down expect for a little congestion and a few idiot drivers. I did have a small problem seeing the road signs but that was mostly because it was my first time in the part of the City of Charlotte. We made it safely to the hospital. Charlotte has at least three hospital right next to one another.

We sent a couple hours visiting with my aunt. The nurse were friendly and took good care of my aunt. My aunt was looking good and had a some color in her face. She was awake and talking with us but was getting more sleepy by the end of our visit.

After our visit with my aunt my mom and I treated Johnny to dinner at Whiskey River in uptown Charlotte. Whiskey River is a bar owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. We enjoyed our food and time together there. The food and service was great. They do not just rely on the name of Dale Earnhardt, Jr to get people in there. My mom had the short ribs which was a special. They were tender and tasted good my mom said. Johnny had the chicken tenders which he said was very good. I got a hamburger that came with bacon wrapped jalapeƱos. It alone filled me up. Both Johnny and I had their onion rings. The onion ring were crisp and not greasy. Is was a great meal and experience overall and I plan to stop there again when I make it down to Charlotte.

JalapeƱo Bacon Burger at Whiskey River

The rest of my week went good. I was busy at work. Johnny and I have texted back and froth a few times. Today, Johnny texted me and said they will be moving my aunt to a nursing center on Monday. Her liver is failing and the doctor says she has 3 to 6 months. The next few months are going to be hard. I ask for your prayers for my aunt and family.


L. D. said...

That looks like a great burger. I would have to pull the pepper but I could find someone to eat it for me. Onion rings look really good too.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

L.D. ~ The burger was good. The pepper was the reason I ordered the burger.