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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Aunt In The Hospital

This week has been a trying week for me. I was struggling with a couple things at work on Tuesday night when I got a text from my cousin that my aunt was taking to the hospital and it did not look good. I have been calling and texting my cousin, Johnny all week getting updates and planning to go down to see my aunt today after my mom, my aunt's sister, got off from work. Friday before I went to work, I talked to Johnny on the phone. My aunt was doing better but the problems were still happening. They decided to transfer her to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina so they could do the surgery she wanted. That changed our planned to head down to see her on Saturday. My cousin texted me Friday night at work letting me know Aunt Sandy made it to the hospital in Charlotte and she was in good spirits. The nurses and doctor got her settled in her room. They would let her eat since they were going to do the surgery Saturday morning. This afternoon, I talked with Johnny and made plans to head down to Lenoir, North Carolina to pick him up and head down to Charlotte to see his mom. Johnny's car needs some work and he does not think it could make the hour and a half drive to Charlotte. As plans are now, we will do the trip on Tuesday. Mom has Tuesday off, Johnny and I will use our vacation days to take the day off from work. I made arrangements with my supervisor at work so I can take the day or days off I need. Even if Johnny has to work Tuesday, he will get off early enough for us to make the trip.

Johnny told me this afternoon, that Aunt Sandy had her surgery this morning. She made it through okay. They had her sedated and on a ventilator. They may need to do a second surgery. We hope by Tuesday she will be awake enough to have visitors.

I wanted to go down to Charlotte but I would have preferred the visit to be under happier event. Depending on how things go at the hospital, we may drive around Charlotte a little. It is a beautiful city. We will at least get something to eat before heading bad to Lenoir to take Johnny home. We may stop at Whisky River which is the restaurant in downtown Charlotte that is owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. It is no too far from the hospital. Johnny may enjoy it since he is a big NASCAR fan.

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