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Saturday, March 25, 2017

An Old Friend And Mice

Today, did not go anything like I planned. I planned to get up and talk with Jo Anne as I normally do on Saturday morning. After, that I planned to take a short nap before take care of some household chores and work on my books for my online store.

I got up to talk with Jo Anne. Jo Anne over slept her alarm she set so she could get a little rest after a full day of family activities. I watched my Saturday morning cooking show, New Scandinavian Cooking. I like it when, Andreas Viestad is the host. I love seeing the different locations in Norway. The food looks good too. After New Scandinavian Cooking, I was going to get my breakfast and coffee ready when my old friend, Teresa called me asking if I would like to meet her for breakfast. We decided to eat at Denny's in town. After enjoying our breakfast, Teresa came over to my house. it was the first time she has seen my house since I move into it. We sat and talked a little more and mom talked with he a little when she got home from work. Teresa left when she had to go get ready for work. It was go to visit with her since we do not get to hang out much now since we work a lot.

A couple weeks ago, I told you guys about the mouse in my house. My mom and I, clean and organized the cabinets and I put poison down, too. Things seemed to settle down awhile after the mouse eat the poison. In the past week I have seen more signs of mice activity and even seen a mouse run across the floor two times. I bought more poison and some old fashion mouse traps. I put new poison in places for the mice. I prepared and set four traps. I placed two in the cabinets near the sink and two in behind the refrigerator. So far tonight, I have gotten 5 mice with the mouse traps. I use peanut butter as the bait boy has it worked. I hope that That is all the mice in the house and I will not have anymore issues with the mice. I guess, mom and I will clean the cabinets out again.

Even with my day not going as I planned it turned out to be a good day. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with church, shopping and visiting with friends. I hope I get some work on my online store too. We will see how tomorrow goes.


joeh said...

I hate mice in the house. Had a problem in an old house a few years ago, but usually only one at a time. Should be less problem with the warmer weather, but you should probably do a search for how they might be getting in, or maybe getting a cat.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

joeh ~ Last year I just had one mouse the hole winter. I have seen one place that I may be a place they are getting into the house. I will try to get it taking care of next weekend.