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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Taking My Sister Her Stuff

My sister Lisa just moved into a new group home in Leicester, North Carolina. Mom and I took Lisa, her stuff that she left at our house. She seems to be happy since she is closer a close friend of hers and her social worker. We have known two of the staff members for for years. One of the guys, Chris, who works there used to be best friends with my brother Tim when they were teenagers. Back in the day where you saw one you saw the other. His sister also works at the group home.

Mom and Lisa enjoying there visit.

The view from the group home.

Mom and I enjoyed our trip to there to see Lisa and her new place. We talked with Chris and his sister for a little. On the way back home mom and I enjoyed dinner at a Chinese buffet in West Asheville. Mom said she enjoyed her trip and dinner.

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