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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Six Inches Of Snow

Friday night, the first snow of 2017 started coming down. It ended up being 6 inches of snow. It look beautiful as it covered everything. Since it was more of a powder it was easy to clear it from the driveway and cars.

Front Yard

Some of my neighbor made it out early. Not much going out and coming back in.

The Patio

The Swing

The rest of the backyard.

The Ice-cycles

Walkway between the house and Garage.

I enjoyed seeing the snow. This snow, I stayed inside most of the time since I had been sick the past week plus the fact that it got extremely cold and windy especially at night. It was good to take the extra rest and not have to worry about going anywhere.

I am sure, I will be busy at work this week to make up for the the warehouse closing early Friday night and on top of only have a few people working on my shift Friday night. I need to start working on some of my outside of work stuff that I have been putting off. I hope everyone is having a good and safe year so far.


L. D. said...

There are a lot of views of your home. The snow does blanket everything and makes for a smooth surface.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

L. D. ~ The snow looked beautiful. Too bad it was all gone in a few days.