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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Happenings And Just Plan Busy

This summer is turning in to another busy summer. I have been busy at work with working overtime, trips, and taking care of everyday life stuff. I am amazed at the extra energy I have had since joining the gym. It has helped a lot with getting myself going and doing things.

Normal summer at work with the orders increasing and the amount of product going out the warehouse increasing. I hope I can set some of the extra money from the overtime aside and get more of my debt paid off. I am on track to have my car paid off by the end of the year. I may even get my student loan paid off too. Sometimes, I wish I could just quit my job. I enjoy the job itself but it is some of the people I work with that drive me crazy. I keep going because I am there to work and I like all the thing that having the job make possible.

I enjoyed my trip a couple weeks ago to Cowpens and Kings Mountain Battleground. I have some of the pictures from the trip being posted on Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. I have a couple trips planned coming up in the next couple weeks and months. The week after the Fourth of July, my mom and I are going down to Charleston, South Carolina for a few days. We have the hotel setup and have several activities planned. Then in August, I am planning to stay a couple days in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I love going to Gatlinburg. I am planning to go this time to check out how the area is recovering from the wildfires the burned the area in the past year.

I have been getting some stuff to sell on eBay from a friend. Now, I just need to get working on getting the stuff listed and sold. Once I get started on listing more books and other stuff I will get my sells back up. I have lose my Top Rated Seller rating since I have not been selling much. It should not take me long to get my sells up up in order to get the Top Rated Seller rating back.

Once I start selling stuff again on eBay it will be easier to get the house cleaned up. My office and garage are a mess with the things I need to get listed on eBay. The grass seed I planted a couple weeks ago is growing very nicely. It has helps that is has rained almost everyday since I put the grass seed down. I will have to buy some more to patch the other spots in the yard. It is nice to see the green instead of brown dead grass or dirt where I put the grass seed down. I have plans to get the garage organized too. I hope this fall to get to sets of shelves for the garage. I should be able to get a lot of stuff off the floor and on the shelves once I get them setup.

I am hoping the weather will be nice on the Fourth of July. We are planning to go see the fireworks in Tuxedo, North Carolina. Hope to have a little get together with the family as will.

The gym is going good. Even through, I have not been pushing myself to much in starting, my energy level in up. I have been working on my workout routine. I have even worked swimming laps in my workout schedule. It was nice to get in the pool and swim a lap and make use of one of many swimsuits I have. The prescription goggles have made swimming even better since I am not swimming blind now. Each day I have done my resistance training I have added a new weight machine or made the workout longer. For my cardio workout, I am working on learning how to use the setting on the treadmills and elliptical machines. I like the sitting elliptical that the Personal Trainer recommended that I use. It is just a matter of getting the right workout program set into the machine.

This summer have been a good one so far and looks like it will continue to be a good one. I look fore=ward to all the things, I was planned to do this year.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Musings: Darkness Comes

This is dedicated to a friend who struggles when the darkness comes.

Darkness Comes by Dan the Mountain Man

The darkness comes.
I can’t escape what comes.
I am scared, lonely.
Does anyone know?
Torture in my mind.
Does anyone listen?
Voices in my mind.
I’m scared, lonely.
Need a kind friend.
Not unwanted guest in my mind.
Struggle not to believe the voices in my mind.
Anyone believe me about the noise?
The darkness comes.
I can’t escape my mind.
Say it is only my mind.
It is more then my mind.
Can’t see your hand.
Only if I could.
Pull me to freedom.
I can’t escape.
The darkness comes.
The voices come.
I’m scared, lonely.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Some Times I Hate Shopping

I have a couple things on my shopping list that I go With is it being summer now and me joining the gym, I have found myself in the market for some shorts for both work and working out in. When I am in a sporting goods store check on a couple other things. The part I hate about shopping and I ran into it this weekend. Is not finding what I want in the stores or if they have it it is not the right color or size. I did find a pair of shorts that was close enough to what I want in workout shorts. The color was okay being blue but I would have been completely sold if it was purple. It was the right size I think. I just did not like the price. I do have a coupon I can print out to lessen the cost. I did find a swimsuit in the color I have been looking for but not in the size I need. I hate that the only colors I find in stores are black and navy. I can normally find different colors online. I still like shopping in brick-and-mortar store because you can feel and try on the clothes you buy. I am checking out some places online now. I may check a couple thrift stores too. When I have time I will check the outlet stores out and see want find there. I hope I find want I what soon.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Meeting With Personal Trainer

Today, I had a meeting with the personal trainer at the gym. He went over my goals for workout and started developing a workout program to meet my goals. I will meet with him tomorrow afternoon to go over the workout program him designs for me. I am planning to start out with working out at least three times a week and doing more as I get into it. Losing a little weight is one goal but not my main goal. I want to get more energy and be healthier more importantly. Getting down to 200 pounds with be nice but getting rid of the belly is my goal. I am excited about getting back into a workout program. I eat a balanced diet already but will be making a few changes.

I also plan to try to get out and go places when I have Saturday off from work. Get out and get some walking in and work on different things for my blogs. Generally, try to have fun doing things I enjoy. I have been playing with my new computer and believe I will have fun creating post for the blogs and doing listings for my online store. I have already made a few minor changes to how I do the post to the blogs.

I am hoping that the working out will give me the energy I need to do the things I plan to do. I have just been crashing on my time off from work and not getting things done around the house, blogs and online store. Focus on managing my time better too. I am sure it will make my life better.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Some New Beginnings

This was a week of new beginnings for me. I am looking for to some of the changes that are coming. I was a little upset about one of the things that caused one of the changes to happen this week. I was planning to make the change later this year. The two big changes I made this week was joining a gym and the second was getting a new laptop computer.

I joined a Gold's Gym not far from my work. I have been looking at joining a gym for a while and checked out a a few others before I decided on going with Gold's Gym. Some of the gyms, worked better on the location for me. Gold's Gym is out of my way a little bit since I have to go away from house after work when I plan to mostly go after work. The main reason, I decided on the Gold's Gym was that they have a pool, hot tub and sauna available 24-hours a day. Some of the other gyms had a pool, hot tub, or sauna available but they were not open 24-hours a day. Wednesday night,

I was planning to get a new laptop later this year since my laptop was falling apart and getting slow. I got the blue screen of death on Thursday. I got a new laptop on Friday. The new laptop has some features that I hope will help me with the blogs and the other projects I continue to work on and plan on starting.

On Saturday, Seth and I went for a hike at the Pink Beds in Pisgah National Forest and a little ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Seth wanted to get some pictures for the photo contest his is going to enter at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair in September. I wanted to take pictures too and enjoy the walk out in nature. I took Seth to the Pinks Beds because with Seth breaking his leg earlier this year, he cannot walk a long distract and steep trails. It was a very nice day to enjoy the outdoors.

After Set and I got some go pictures on out hike in the Pink Beds, we drove on up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We stopper at a couple of the overlooks and enjoyed the views.

Seth at the Cold Mountain Overlook

Cold Mountain

I feel good about the changes I have made this week and it is good to be getting back into getting back to doing things other then sleep on my time off. I am hoping it will lead to more interest and better post here too.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Cowpens And King's Mountain Battlefields, Part 2

My second stop on my Memorial Day trip was King's Mountain Battlefield. I had been to King's Mountain once before on a school trip. It was nice to return and enjoy the site on my own and at my own pace.

At King's Mountain, the Patriots had around 900 men and the British had around 1,100 men. Included in the 900 men in the Patriots ranks was John Crockett, father of Davy Crockett. Along with the battle at Cowpens, King's Mountain is know as a turning point in the American Revolutionary War.

I started my visit at the visitor's center for the Kings Mountain National Military Park. The state of South Carolina has a state park right next door to the national park which I did not go to on this visit but maybe on my next visit I will do both. At the visitor's center you can tour the museum and watch a video the goes over the battle of King's Mountain. I walked through the museum before walking around the battlefield. After I walked the trail through the battlefield I watched the video. I was lucky enough to caught up with one of the rangers of the park doing a walking tour on the battlefield. That made the walk more interesting.

The trail around the battlefield is paved but does go up and down the mountain. Some on the monuments along the trail have a short none paved trail to them. The trail makes a nice walk. Part of the trail goes through an area where President Herbert Hoover gave a speech in front of 75,000 people. I could hardly imagine 75,000 people in the area as a stood by the rock that marks the location where President Hoover stood during the speech.

After I walked the trail around the trail I watch the video in the visitor's center. I think I may make another trip the King's Mountain again and visit both the National Military Park and the state park next to it. I did enjoy my day visiting both the Cowpens and King's Mountain Battlefields.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Cowpens And King's Mountain Battlefields, Part 1

It has been a long time since I took a little trip by myself and get my mind off of the everyday things. I have been looking forward to a day off where I do not have any thing else to do. Since, I got Memorial Day off from work, I decided to take a little trip. I enjoy history and this trip would gave me a change to get more pictures for my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments Blog. I have decided go over my trip in a two part post.

Although, the Battle of King's Mountain happen first on October 7, 1780, I went to Cowpens Battlefield first which happen on January 17, 1781. Both parks are open from 9 AM to 5 PM. I had had to get up early in the morning for me since I work second shift and normally get up around 11 or noon, so I could make it to both battlefields in one day and have time to enjoy my visit. I got up at 7:30 in the morning to get on the road to make sure I had time to visit both battlefields.

The Battle of Cowpens is know as a turning point of the war. The Patriots' forces were lead by Nathanael Greene. Several counties, cities, schools and streets are names after Nathanael Greene including Greenville, South Carolina which I love go to a lot. The Americans won the short battle, about a hour, which became know as a turning point in the war.

I started my visit at Cowpens at the Visitor's Center. They are a video, museum and a map room presentation that goes over want lead up to the battle, happened at the battle and the aftermath. I do not watch the video but I found the map presentation and museum very informative. I recommend stopping the visitor center first since it gives you a good overview before walking that battlefield.

The walk around the Cowpens Battlefield is 1.2 mile trail with signs telling about the battle and showing where things happened. It is a enjoyable walk for those who enjoy history like me or people just wanting exercise.

I spend a little over two hours at Cowpens National Battlefield. I enjoyed learning in more detail about the American Revolutionary War. After my visit to Cowpens, I head over to King's Mountain Battlefield which is about a 20 minute drive.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

An Afternoon Of Yard Work

Today's projects were taking care of different yard issues. The biggest being mowing the yard. In the summer, I try to mow the grass once a week. I think it was three weeks ago when I moved the grass last. In the past three weeks, when I had the time to get out an mow, it was raining. When it it was not raining, I had other things to do, mostly taking try of the family.

I managed to get the weeds pulled out from around the brushes in front of the house. The brushes looks really good this year with the blooming. I also put down some grass seed in a couple patches where I had no grass or dead grass. I am not sure if I put enough grass down but I figure I can put more grass seed down if I need too.

I also made a trip to Lowe's and got a filter and oil for my lawnmower, a garden rake, and a weed eater. I already changed the filter and I will add some oil to the lawnmower the next time I use it. The garden rake will make it easier to clean the dead grass and spread the dirt when I put new soil from the compost pile down. I raked a little around the brushes after I pulled the weeds today. I heard it help things grown better if you loosen the soil and remove the dead grass around the yard. The weed eater will make it easier to cut the grass around the tress and brushes and the walkways.

The other project was cleaning out the car and checking the fluids in the car to get the car read for my trip tomorrow. Added a little bit of oil and some coolant. I hope the car is good to go now. I am looking forward to going to Cowpens and King's Mountain battlefields. I hope it does not rain much tomorrow or at least holds off until after five o'clock.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Garden Jubilee In Hendersonville

This afternoon, I walked around the Garden Jubilee on Main Street in Hendersonville, NC. I liked looking at the difference plants and other garden related items they had. I do not see anything I wanted to buy at this time but I got a few ideas for the yard when I can focus on it.

Japanese Maples from

I would like to get a Japanese Maple and a Ginkgo tree for the yard. I saw a old friend who sells them at the Garden Jubilee. I sent a little time talking with him and his dad. I hope by next spring I will have some extra money to start working on things around the house and yard. Part of my plans for the house is to redo the landscaping in the yard.

Garden Jubilee is an annual event in Hendersonville. This year do not seem to be as good as​in years past but it still have some interesting stuff.

I have been thinking of doing a bigger fire pit for my back yard. This was a display at the Lowe's section that I thought is a nice idea.

This fire place is a little over kill for my backyard but it was nice to look at. Both projects look simple enough to do myself to do in a day if I chose to do one of them.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Upcoming Plans

Thank you guys for being patient with me as I dealt with everything with my aunt passing and some other things going on. This weekend I have a couple things planned for the blog. On Saturday, they are having a Garden Jubilee on Main Street in Hendersonville, and I plan to take a look around. Which also reminds me I need to plan a day to do a post on the Bears this summer on Main Street, that is for later. I love going to the the Garden Jubilee to get some ideas for my yard. Monday, I am planning to goto Cowpens and King's Mountain Battlefields in South Carolina. They were the site for two battles in the American Revolution. I am looking forward to the trip and sharing it with you here. I hope the rain clears out over the weekend. It has rained everyday this week.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Aunt Sandy Has Gone Home

On Saturday afternoon of May 13, 2017, my aunt passed away. She was surrounded by family and friends. Please pray for my mother and my cousins.  Aunt Sandy has gone home to be with our Lord and Savior, Jesus and her loving husband, Jonathan Harris.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Visiting My Aunt In The Nursing Home

My mom and I, went down to visit my aunt my mom's sister. She just got out of the hospital last weekend and went home. Thursday they decided to have her go back into the nursing home that my cousin, Johnny works at. Johnny and his wife were not able to help take care of my Aunt Sandy's needs at house. Today, Aunt Sandy was not doing good. Johnny texted me on our way back home that the nursing home is having Aunt Sandy taking to the hospital. She looked bad when we got down to the nursing home but was looking better when we left. It is sad seeing my aunt go down hill and know she does not have long to live.

Mom and Aunt Sandy in the activity room at the nursing home a few weeks ago.

The nursing home where my cousin works looks really nice. They just added on to the nursing home and remodeled a little. I wish I was going there for happier things. Nursing homes and hospitals make my skin crawl. I always feel dirt after I visit one no matter how clean they are.

The activity room at the Nursing Home.

After left from visiting Aunt Sandy at the nursing home, we stopped at a restaurant called the White House in Rutherford College, North Carolina. The restaurant is in a old white house on the side of the road. They serve Italian food. I had the chicken parmigiana with a house salad. It was not the best I ever had but it was good. My mom and I got really good service from our waitress.

The outside of the White House.

Inside one of the dining rooms.

The chicken parmigiana that I had for dinner.

Outside of my aunt not doing good, mom and I had a good trip. I keep saying I need to go down around where my aunt and cousin live and just explore and take pictures. It is beautiful country down there.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Not Doing Too Good On Bloging

I planned to be posting on the Mountain Highs and Valley Lows more regularly this year. This past month has been really busy for me. I have been working more overtime then expected for this time of year at work. I also have been taking trips down to see my aunt who has been in and out of the hospital the past couple months. I have planned out time to work on the blog then I would have things come up or a would crash from all the things going on right now. I have have pictures and idea ready to do a post and get side tracked taking care of something else. I decided to do a quick post before work today since I had a little time since it is raining and I cannot mow the grass as I planned to do today. I really need to work on my time management.

I do have a have several things planned for the coming months. I am thinking of taking trips to Charleston, South Carolina, Cowpens, South Carolina, and Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Mom told me that she wanted to go to Charleston this year and I always enjoyed my trips to Charleston and want to tour it more. Cowpens is battlefield of a battle from the American Revolutionary War. I want to go to Gatlinburg to see how they are doing after the wildfires. I have been talking with Seth about going swimming and hiking. Seth will have to take it easy this year since he is recovering from breaking his leg. I am also planning on starting to post on my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog begin. If I can get myself moving early enough, I plan to go to different places on my way to work to take the pictures for the blog. Then working on getting the pictures posted on the blog. It is just a matter of getting started.

I am close to getting one of my debts paid off and one of my bills is going to drop by $30 soon. These to things will free up a little money to start working on a couple other projects I want to start this year. I should enjoy it once I get these things started. I am trying to decide on how to do some of the things but I figured that get the debt paid off and the bill lowered will give me enough money to get things started. I just hope I can disciple myself with my time and get things done.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Easter Door Decorating

Since I brought my house, I have been slowly working on getting decorations for different holidays and time of they year to put up around the house. My main focus has been Christmas. Today, while doing the grocery shopping I got a little welcome sigh for the door for Easter. If I have enough money later, I will try to get some things to decorate the house with for Easter.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

An Old Friend And Mice

Today, did not go anything like I planned. I planned to get up and talk with Jo Anne as I normally do on Saturday morning. After, that I planned to take a short nap before take care of some household chores and work on my books for my online store.

I got up to talk with Jo Anne. Jo Anne over slept her alarm she set so she could get a little rest after a full day of family activities. I watched my Saturday morning cooking show, New Scandinavian Cooking. I like it when, Andreas Viestad is the host. I love seeing the different locations in Norway. The food looks good too. After New Scandinavian Cooking, I was going to get my breakfast and coffee ready when my old friend, Teresa called me asking if I would like to meet her for breakfast. We decided to eat at Denny's in town. After enjoying our breakfast, Teresa came over to my house. it was the first time she has seen my house since I move into it. We sat and talked a little more and mom talked with he a little when she got home from work. Teresa left when she had to go get ready for work. It was go to visit with her since we do not get to hang out much now since we work a lot.

A couple weeks ago, I told you guys about the mouse in my house. My mom and I, clean and organized the cabinets and I put poison down, too. Things seemed to settle down awhile after the mouse eat the poison. In the past week I have seen more signs of mice activity and even seen a mouse run across the floor two times. I bought more poison and some old fashion mouse traps. I put new poison in places for the mice. I prepared and set four traps. I placed two in the cabinets near the sink and two in behind the refrigerator. So far tonight, I have gotten 5 mice with the mouse traps. I use peanut butter as the bait boy has it worked. I hope that That is all the mice in the house and I will not have anymore issues with the mice. I guess, mom and I will clean the cabinets out again.

Even with my day not going as I planned it turned out to be a good day. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day with church, shopping and visiting with friends. I hope I get some work on my online store too. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bang Bang Burger In Charotte

My mom and I traveled down to see my Aunt Sandy in the hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am glad to say my aunt is doing better now. She had a lot more color in her face and was more alert. They are working on getting her moved to a nursing center closer to her house on Lenoir, North Carolina. They were going to move her this past week but they had a couple issues to work out.

After visiting with my aunt, mom and I, eat dinner at Bang Bang Burger at 2001 East 7th Street Ste D, Charlotte, North Carolina. I choose to eat there because it was near the hospital and had good reviews. I am glad we eat there. I have to say it was one of the best burgers I have ever had.

I had the TNT Burger which comes with Ghost pepper cheese, crispy onion strings, shaved jalapeños, and Sriracha mayo on it with fresh hand-cut fries on the on the side. I ordered my burger medium and they cooked it just the way I liked it. They burger had good flavor and just the right heat. The fries had a great taste and did not need ketchup or anything else added to them.

TNT Burger

Bang Bang Burger was featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on the Food Network. It is on the episode titled, 'Beef, Lamb and Pig' which aired in the 26th season. It was cool to eat some where featured i a show I enjoy watching even through I have not seemed the episode. I need to keep my eye out for the episode on TV. I know I would eat at Bang Bang Burger again if I am in the area.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A March Snow

I always tell people winter is not over here is the mountains of Western North Carolina until March is over. Last night we got a small snow. It has been so warm that the snow did not cover the roads much. I managed to get mom to work without any problems.

The house and yard covered with snow.

The tree in the front yard.

Since it had been so warm lately, most of the snow has already melted. It did look beautiful this morning.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Visiting My Aunt In The Hospital In Charlotte

Tuesday, I took a day off from work and heading down to Charlotte to see my aunt in the hospital. My mom and I, drove down to Lenoir, first to pickup my cousin, Johnny. Mom and I had a enjoyable ride down to Lenoir with a stop a a Waffle House in Asheville with a great view on the mountains. We got to Johnny's house a little after 1 and had a short wait for him to get home from work. After Johnny changed out of his work clothes we were off to Charlotte. We had a good trip down expect for a little congestion and a few idiot drivers. I did have a small problem seeing the road signs but that was mostly because it was my first time in the part of the City of Charlotte. We made it safely to the hospital. Charlotte has at least three hospital right next to one another.

We sent a couple hours visiting with my aunt. The nurse were friendly and took good care of my aunt. My aunt was looking good and had a some color in her face. She was awake and talking with us but was getting more sleepy by the end of our visit.

After our visit with my aunt my mom and I treated Johnny to dinner at Whiskey River in uptown Charlotte. Whiskey River is a bar owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. We enjoyed our food and time together there. The food and service was great. They do not just rely on the name of Dale Earnhardt, Jr to get people in there. My mom had the short ribs which was a special. They were tender and tasted good my mom said. Johnny had the chicken tenders which he said was very good. I got a hamburger that came with bacon wrapped jalapeños. It alone filled me up. Both Johnny and I had their onion rings. The onion ring were crisp and not greasy. Is was a great meal and experience overall and I plan to stop there again when I make it down to Charlotte.

Jalapeño Bacon Burger at Whiskey River

The rest of my week went good. I was busy at work. Johnny and I have texted back and froth a few times. Today, Johnny texted me and said they will be moving my aunt to a nursing center on Monday. Her liver is failing and the doctor says she has 3 to 6 months. The next few months are going to be hard. I ask for your prayers for my aunt and family.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Julie's Birthday Party

Tonight, Mom and I went to my sister Mary's house for my niece, Julie's birthday party. Mary cooked chicken and carrots and make a salad for dinner Julie enjoyed herself decorating her birthday cake before we ate it. We got her a Crayola Ice Cream Cake from the grocery store.

Julie decorating her birthday cake.

Julie having fun with her cake.

The cake when her and her brother, Victor, finished decorated it.

It was fun watching the kids decorate the cake and then enjoy eating it. We all had fun tonight. I am glad mom and I got the cake.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Aunt In The Hospital

This week has been a trying week for me. I was struggling with a couple things at work on Tuesday night when I got a text from my cousin that my aunt was taking to the hospital and it did not look good. I have been calling and texting my cousin, Johnny all week getting updates and planning to go down to see my aunt today after my mom, my aunt's sister, got off from work. Friday before I went to work, I talked to Johnny on the phone. My aunt was doing better but the problems were still happening. They decided to transfer her to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina so they could do the surgery she wanted. That changed our planned to head down to see her on Saturday. My cousin texted me Friday night at work letting me know Aunt Sandy made it to the hospital in Charlotte and she was in good spirits. The nurses and doctor got her settled in her room. They would let her eat since they were going to do the surgery Saturday morning. This afternoon, I talked with Johnny and made plans to head down to Lenoir, North Carolina to pick him up and head down to Charlotte to see his mom. Johnny's car needs some work and he does not think it could make the hour and a half drive to Charlotte. As plans are now, we will do the trip on Tuesday. Mom has Tuesday off, Johnny and I will use our vacation days to take the day off from work. I made arrangements with my supervisor at work so I can take the day or days off I need. Even if Johnny has to work Tuesday, he will get off early enough for us to make the trip.

Johnny told me this afternoon, that Aunt Sandy had her surgery this morning. She made it through okay. They had her sedated and on a ventilator. They may need to do a second surgery. We hope by Tuesday she will be awake enough to have visitors.

I wanted to go down to Charlotte but I would have preferred the visit to be under happier event. Depending on how things go at the hospital, we may drive around Charlotte a little. It is a beautiful city. We will at least get something to eat before heading bad to Lenoir to take Johnny home. We may stop at Whisky River which is the restaurant in downtown Charlotte that is owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. It is no too far from the hospital. Johnny may enjoy it since he is a big NASCAR fan.