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Friday, November 18, 2016

Surprisingly Good Steak Dinner At A Grocery Store

Mom has been bugging me for a couple weeks about a steak dinner that the Ingles Market in Mills River, North Carolina. One of her coworkers told her about it. I promised I would take her out there tonight even through I did not really have the money to do it. I am glad we did. It was enjoyable experience the employees for the Asian and Sub shop in the cafe area did an awesome job with the dinner and service. They kept the tables clean, drinks full, and got our order to us quickly. They served Prime Rib tonight. It was not the best I ever have but it did taste really good and was tender. It was a surprisingly good steak dinner at a grocery store.

After we eat we did a little shopping. I brought a turkey for 57 cents per pound. I guess I could find cheaper some where else if I checked but I do not have the time. The cheapest price I have seen so far was 99 cents per pound. I am glad, I have the main part of the Thanksgiving Dinner already. I will finished our Thanksgivings Dinner before I head back to work Tuesday night. Mom and I will have at least 12 guest for dinner if all show up. I am sure all of us will a good time and remember the things we are thankful for especially our family and friends.


L. D. said...

That will be a good crowd if they all show up. Our grocery story has a cafe attached to it now but I have never tried to eat there. Your meal looked like a good one. Have a good time with all the friends and family.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

L.D. ~ Ingles the local grocery store chain was done a great job at developing their super-centers. The food in their deli and in-store restaurants are really good.