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Friday, November 25, 2016

Cooking And Projects

I so far have been making the most of my time off from work for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day, I cooked all day for my family and today, I worked on a few projects around the house. I feel good about both days.

Mom and I got up early Thursday morning to start prepare for the Thanksgivings Day Feast. Mary, my oldest sister helped me get the second dining room table out of the garage and set it up in the living room. After, we got the table setup, Mary, headed to a friends house to help with their dinner. My nephew, Victor, stayed with us to help us cook the dinner. Victor enjoys cook and helping around the house. He was a lot of help with getting the turkey and the sides ready.

The turkey, yams, creamed onions, and gravy.

Macaroni and Cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and Broccoli Salad

Everyone's favorite side I make, Green Bean Casserole.

After eating and everyone left, I helped mom clean and then crashed. I am glad I slept good last night so I could get working on some projects I need to get done around the house. Well I have the table out of the garage, I decided to to try to work on organizing the garage a little better. Things pretty much got thrown into the garage when I moved in. Having Mary help me get the table out made it easier to get to some boxes and other things I needed to move in order to move another table and a set of shelves in a better place. I even have a desk that I managed to move today that I am using as a place to sort though the boxes. I need to sort the things I want to keep and the things to get rid of.

I raked the leaves up in the backyard a little before my mom called to join her for lunch. I got a big pile of leaves in the middle of my yard now. As I was raking the leaves in the corner where the back gate is, I stared to pick up the wood I got from my neighbor's yard a few weeks back. I decided to stack the wood up between two tree by the back gate. I figure it would be safer to have the wood there then right next to the house where I have been stacking the wood. Besides, the two trees will provide something to hold the wood up. I am sorting the wood out by sizes and clearing the leaves as I stack more of the wood. Saturday, I hope to get most of the wood and leaves taking care of and make the house a little safer with the risk of fires in the area.

So far, I am making the most of my days off from work for the holidays. I hope, I keep myself going on working on the projects around the house. The work around the house remembers me that I am thankful that I have a house to take care of.

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