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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Change Of Plans To Take Care Of Things For Mom

I was planning to go out with my friend Seth toady to take pictures for his photo contest next year. That changed last night when we were getting ready to head out to eat and I discovered the front tire was flat on mom's van. I had to take my mom to work this morning and then take care of her van.

After I dropped the van off to the garage and they check to see if they could fix the tires. I looked around the hardware stores and brought a bucket and some play sand. I put the bucket with the play sand inside it on the front pouch for mom to have a better place to put her cigarette butts. The bucket looks a lot better then the old cigarette can she was using. I moved it to the back pouch for now. Mom is not going to stop smoking as much I would like her too.

Now mom has two new tires on the van. I will have to reschedule doing my outing with Seth.

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