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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Mountain Ride and Thanksgivings Shopping

Monday was the last full day of my vacation. Mom and I, took Rayna with us, and took a ride through the mountains of Western North Carolina. After dropping the books I sold over the weekend off at the post office and getting something to eat for breakfast we head off on our ride.

We got onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove up Craggy Gardens where the next section is close. We turned around and headed back towards Asheville. We got off at the exit for Weaverville and Vance's Birthplace. It turned out to be a whiny mountain road down to the main highway where you turn to go to Vance's Birthplace. Unfortunately, it is closed on Mondays. I would have stopped if it was open since Vance was the governor of North Carolina during the Civil War. We drove on up that road as it whined and turned over the mountain to Barnardsville, North Carolina. From Barnardsville, we drove out to Highway 19/23. We then followed Highway 19E though Burnsville and Spruce Pine. I have not been on Highway 19E in over ten years and a lot has changed and til changing with the widening on the road. I like driving though the little community north of Spruce Pine. I wanted to stop and take a couple pictures but by that time I needed to go the bathroom and there was no place to pull off the road and go. I may head back up in the spring to look around better. We drove onto Newland, North Carolina were I was planning to eat and use the bathroom. The McDonald's was be remodel and I did not see the Hardees until I was already past it due to the traffic. I ended up driving all the way down to Marion, North Carolina before getting to use the restroom and get something to eat.

We stopped at a Wendy's in Marion. The smoke from want I believe is the Clear Creek Fire, which is one of like 14 fires in Western Carolina, could be seen from all around Marion. The smoke from the fire was very heavy along Highway 70, west of Marion. It is sad to see the forest burning. The good news is so far no one has lost their homes or lives yet. I was going to post about my trip last night but I ended up falling asleep from being so tired.

Today, mom and I went shopping for the last of the stuff we needed for the Thanksgivings Dinner. I was glad it did not cost as much as I was thinking it was going too. We even got a few extra things not on our list. Including my mom and me, there will be at least 14 people eating at my house.


joeh said...

That's a pretty big crew. Happy Thanksgiving.

joeh said...

That's a pretty big crew. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Joeh ~ Yes a big crew but everyone had plenty to eat. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.