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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Shopping With Mom

Tonight my mother and I went shopping in Asheville. My mom wanted to check out so new store she heard opened up recently. Besides we needed to put some mileage on the van.

We headed out after mom got home from work. The weather was cloudy and rainy all day. It was a little windy too from Hurricane Matthew just off the coast. On our way to Asheville Outlets we did see some power lines down from tree coming down on them. The fire department was directing traffic around the wires. Other then that we head a good trip to the stores.

Mom and I walked around the outlet stores, mom was looking for the new stores. She could not find them so she said she must have got the location of the stores wrong. We looked in one store where I found an Angel Calendar for 2017 for mom. Mom collects angels and she gets a angel calendar each year.

After we got the calendar, we split up to go looking for things on our own. I looks around a couple store and found a soil sifter. I have been looking for soil sifter to use to sift my old compost pile. I have already start a new one. I found the soil sifter in the tool store. I need to go there again to get some other tools. I like the sifter but I do wish it was a little bigger.

We eat at the chinese buffet in the shopping center next to the outlet stores. We had a enjoyable dinner. Then you went to the Biltmore Park Town Square since I wanted to look for a couple books at the Barnes and Noble store. I sent an hour looking in different sections for books on the topics I was looking for and could not find one book. I did find some books that I met have ended up buying if I have a place to sit other then the coffee shop to look over the books. Barnes and Noble got stupid and took the chairs they had throughout their stores out. I do not know about other people but I have ended up buying less books from the stores. I have more money to spend on books. Maybe they will put the chairs back in or maybe not.


Valerie said...

You and your Mom do have some nice outings. Sorry you weren't able to get the books you wanted.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ Mom enjoys going to different shops. I hope I can get up with some of my friends now work seems to be settling down and go places I enjoy more. I hope to find some books online.