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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Much Needed Yard Work

I was lucky enough to have another Saturday off from work. Today, I did some yard work which I have to say was much needed. It has been three weeks since I mowed the grass and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees. I am starting a new compost pile. I need to sift the old compost pile and put the soil from it in the flower beds and the stuff that need to compost some more on the new compost pile.

My neighbors in behind me had a tree come down in there yard a couple weeks ago. The guy their landlord sent to take care of the tree asked me if I wanted some of the wood. He left the wood in the ditch. This past week, I sent a couple days when I did not something else to do throwing the wood over the fence. At some point, I need to get it stacked up by the house to use in the fire pit.

Here is the backyard after I mowed the grass and got the leaves up. The lawnmower is a great way to take care of the leaves and put they on the compost pile.

Here is the front yard before I started my work.

It looks a lot better now I got the grass and leaves done.

The patio was a mess. There was a lot of leaves and acorns on the patio.

I picked up a two buckets of acorns before I started raking the leaves. I only got the one section done today. I hope to get the rest done tomorrow.

The walkway between the house and the garage gets full of leaves quickly.As you can see, Rayna was having fun running around.

The walkways looks very nice after I rake leaves and follow up by sweeping with a push broom.

The pile of leaves from the walk way. I ran the lawnmower down the walkway twice and still had a lot of leaves to rake.

My old compost pile in the front and the one I started a couple weeks ago in the back. I still need to sift the old compost pile. It did make some good dirt for my flower beds.

All the leaves and a small bag of paper I shredded in my shredder made a nice addition to the new compost pile. I will be adding more stuff over the next year before I start a new compost pile next fall.

I did a lot today out in the yard. I think Rayna enjoyed playing and watching me while I worked. I did get more then I was think I would done today. I hope to get some done tomorrow after church. Of course, as more leaves fall from the trees I will have more work to do each weekend I have off.

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