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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mom Visiting Her Sister

Saturday evening, I took my mom down to visit our sister in Lenoir, North Carolina. It was my aunt's birthday Friday. We promise my aunt we would come visit her for her birthday, if I had off from work. I am glad to say I had tonight off.

We started down at 5 this evening since mom got off from her work late since they were busy at the restaurant where she works was busy today. We had a good hour and forty minute drive down with a little traffic. I was thankful for Google Maps because I would have gotten lost going to my aunt's house because, I had to make several left and right turns. We arrived at my aunt's house at a quarter before 7 as it was just getting dark.

Mom baked lasagna Friday night. We took a pan of it down with us for dinner for my aunt, my cousin and his wife and kids. Everyone enjoyed the lasagna. Mom made the lasagna with a mix of ricotta and cottage cheese without the egg as we normally do. The cheese layers were much creamer then with the egg. We all enjoyed dinner and talking. It was good to visit with my aunt and cousin since we do not get to see them. We sent our time talking and eating with a little goofing off. My aunt has been dealing with some health problems. My cousin had a flat tire this week and of course the spare tire was flat too. Fortunately, he had some people to stop and help him. Them are looking forward to joining us for Thanksgiving.

We left to head back home at 9. I do not like driving up the mountain at night because of the trucks. There was not many trucks on the interstate both down and back up. The traffic was lighter on the way back home.

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