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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Getting A Van For Mom

Over the past two weeks, I have been working on getting the title for a van my sister, Mary gave my mother and me for my mom to use to drive to work. It took me two trips to the bank and three trips to the tag office to get the title squared away. I got a temporary tag so I can get the van inspected. Monday, I got the title work done. Tuesday, I managed to get the van from my sister's house over to my house. This morning, I took the van to the garage to get it fixed up to pass the inspection. It needs a tuneup, a new side light, and maybe a new battery. I am hoping a good charge will save the battery for now. I plan to replace it for mom before it gets too cold here. Mom should be able to drive the van tomorrow and over the weekend. We will get it inspected on Monday.

Mom will be happy to have her own transportation to and from work. Mom has always wanted a van too. I will be happy to be able to sleep in a little and not have to get up early to take her to work. I hope I can adjust things once she is driving herself to work to work on the blog and my online store.

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