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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Enjoying The Weekend Off

I had the full weekend off this weekend. Work has been going good. We are starting to get caught up with the orders. We have been getting more time off on the weekends.

Friday I got a new paper shredder from the store. I have been getting paper shredder from thrift stores but the price of the shredders have got up and the last one did not even work. The last few I gotten and found in the thrift stores were ones that just did the long cuts. I decided, I be better off getting a new shredder from the store in of a used one from the thrift store. The got one that cuts the paper down to a two-inch stripe. The smaller pieces work better for my compost pile and the recycling. Saturday, I worked on shredding my pile of paper and cardboard. It took my all afternoon to shred it. I ended up with two full bags of shredded paper. one for recycling and one for the compost pile. The new shredder works great shreds the cardboard with ease. The bag of white paper and cardboard will go on the compost and the colored paper goes to the recycling center.

I ended up napping Saturday night and Sunday afternoon after church and shopping. I had planned to work on my books for my online store this weekend but I have not gotten to it yet. Maybe later tonight I will. I wanted to do a blog post. I need to work on getting back to posting on the blog regularly. This year, I have been working so much, I have been ending up sleeping during the little time off I have. I miss doing my blog and hearing found my readers. I hope with work getting back to normal, I will back into blogging. I have been thinking of some ideas for myself to enjoy and make the blog interesting.

I have some work projects to do around the house. I hope to get a little hiking in if I can get my schedule to match up with my friends so I have someone to go with me. My mother and I are planning a couple trips in the coming year that I will share my adventure with you here on the blog. I know this year, has not been all that good up the blog with my focus on other things and I thank those of you who stayed and continue to follow the blog.

As I get back into Blogging, things should be interesting and fun. I hope you enjoy following my adventures and reading my post.

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