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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Got Back Home And Back To Normal LIfe!

I had a enjoyable time in Kokomo, Indiana, last weekend while up there to attend my nephew's wedding. I wish I had more time to spend exploring the area up there. I even got information about places to go but I will have to wait for my next trip up to Kokomo.

My Mom and I stayed until Tuesday morning. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Kokomo. The staff there made our stay so enjoyable. We had good trip back to North Carolina with just a few idiot drivers to deal with. We did not stop until we got to the Welcome Center Rest Stop in Tennessee just after leaving Kentucky. I would have stopped sooner but the only rest stop we saw in Kentucky had a sign at the exit saying it was closed. It felt good to get out of the car and walk around a little.

Mom and I decided to stop after getting through Knoxville to stop for dinner and maybe look around some of the stores. I ended up stopping for gas before getting to Knoxville but we did stop in Sevierville for dinner and shopping. We first stopped at the Bass Pro Shop which is right off Interstate 40. Mom and I looked a around a little before heading down the road to go to the Smoky Mountain Knife Works which was the main reason, I stopped at the Sevierville Exit. Before looking looking around the knife works, we eat dinner a little Barbeque restaurant. It was a nice looking place but the Barbecue had no favor. You had to use the sauce on the table which luckily was very good. I guess it was from being tired from driving all day but I remember the knife works being more interesting. I bought a coffee mug for my coffee mug collection. We also got a a t-shirt for a friend of my sister who watched my house while we were away. I was surprised they did not have more stuff with their name on it and what we did find was in the back corner on the store. I would have brought a coffee mug and something else. But again, I may have missed other stuff from being tired from my drive. I am thinking of making a trip to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville in November with mom to do a little Christmas shopping. Maybe with more rest I will enjoy shopping there more and see more of the stuff I wanted to see.

When I got home Tuesday night, I pretty much just crashed. I was planning to do a blog post when I got home Tuesday but, instead I fell asleep on the sofa before getting up and going to bed. It did feel good to be home. Rayna, my dog was very happy that I was home.

Work this week went good. We had a lot to do but we got enough done to enjoy the three day weekend for Labor Day. While I was gone, seven people quit or got let go. Some of the new people seem to be going a good job. I hope they continue to do a good job and stay.

I am enjoying my weekend relaxing and doing a little work around the house. I hope to get some reviews done for the places I visited while on my vacation. I need to start planning how to use the vacation days I have left. I am thinking of a trip to Eastern Tennessee, Charlotte, North Carolina or both.


Valerie said...

Sounds like you had a nice time while away. I always feel a bit sad leaving a nice place but home was always welcome.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ I did have a nice time while I was away. I would not have mind staying a few more day. I did miss home and it felt good to get back home.