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Monday, August 01, 2016

Toner For My Printer

I was a printer made my Brother and it works great. I used it mostly to print shipping labels for the books I sell on eBay. I bought it at a local thrifty store 3 or 4 years ago for $10 or $15. One of the guys that works the counter at the post office, tipped me off that there was a guy who buys a new print and will use it until the toner is low. When the toner starts to run out he goes out and buys a new printer and take the old one to the thrift store.

About a month ago, I was trying to print a shipping label for a book I sold and the printer would not print. The toner light was flashing. Since I needed to ship the book, I headed to the office supply store and bought a toner cartridge for about $70. I got home and put the new cartridge worked perfectly. I saved the old cartridge and ordered two new toner cartridges and a new dump on eBay for $28. When I got the new dump last week, I put the new dump and the old cartridge in the printer and the old cartridge worked great. I am glad that I saved the old cartridge.

Ink for the printer is the highest cost for a printer. With my online store I look for ways to save money and still offer high quality service. I am glad I can get the supplies for my print on eBay for a cheap price and they work just as good as the cartridge the office supply store charges $70 for. I can see why the guy who gives his printers to the thrift store does it. The dump and toner cartridge cost almost as much as the new printer. Of course, some of the new printers are setup to where you can only use ink cartridges made by the maker of the printer and the off brand ink cartridges will not work. I hope my printer will work for me for a long time to come. I can afford a new printer but I can not afford the toner cartridges I would have to buy. I do not know about you but $10 for a ink cartridge sounds a whole lot better then $70 for a ink cartridge. I love shopping at thrift stores and eBay because if you take your time and know want to look for you can find some good deals.

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