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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Money Going Out Money Coming In

This past week, has been a week of seeing money going out and coming in. Unfortunately, more money went out then came in but is that how it normally goes.

On Tuesday, my friend and mentor, Keith, came over to replace my meter box on my house. The old meter box was going bad. A couple weeks ago, I lost power in half my house. The power company had to replace he meter and told me I needed to have the meter box replaced.

Thursday night on my way home my alternator on my car out. I got about a mile down the road from work when one of my idiot lights came on. I pulled over into a gas station to check it out. Things checked out okay that I could see but when I got back in the car I could not get my car started. One of my coworkers, saw me stopped and pulled over to see if I needed help. We looked the car over and found that one on the battery cables was loose. Neither one of us, had a socket, wrench of pliers that would work to tighten the cable. My coworker, took me up to the Wal-mart that was nearby to get a pair of pliers. We returned to my car and got the cable tighten and jumped my car. I made it about halfway home before my car completely died on me. At that point, I called AAA to come help me. I had to wait about an hour for the tow truck to get there. He gave my battery a boost. He checked the battery and alternator and found that alternator was not charging the battery. He towed my car to my garage and gave me a ride home. I am going to upgrade my AAA membership.

We are til working overtime at work. This week, I was trained for my back up position at work and I am now ready to feel in when the lead on the dock takes a day off. I learned the things I needed to do on the computer, a lot quicker then I thought I would. My first day feeling in for him is this coming Wednesday.

I sold a couple books this week on my online store. I was able to get a few more books listed too. I hope to work on get some other books listed this week and update some of my oldest listings.

On the money front this past week was a hard one but I am thankful for the blessing God has given me this year. With the overtime not only have I been able to pay off some debt but I have been able to build up my emergency fund. I only used a little of my emergency fund this week. I hope I can get my emergency fund repleted soon.


joeh said...

I feel your pain, I had a similar car issue this weekend. I will be posting on 1 - How when these problems happen, someone always seems to step up and help...lots of nice people out there, and 2 - how great new technology can be in mitigating the situation.

Good luck with the repair.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Joeh ~ It is nice that there seems to be people coming from no where to help sometimes.