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Monday, August 29, 2016

Family Time And Exploring Around Kokomo, Indiana

My trip is coming to a end. Tomorrow mom and I head home. Sunday, mom and I spend our day visiting with family. Monday, we explored around Kokomo, Indiana ending our day having dinner at my niece's house.

Mom and I, stay two extra days on this trip for the wedding to spend time with my niece. We didn't get to see her much on the trip to come to her wedding back in June. We almost did not get to spend much time with her since one of her kids was sick in the hospital. Fortunately, he was released from the hospital, Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we spend at her home with my sister and my other niece and nephews. After our visit we head over to my nephew, Justin's house. Him and his bride thanked us for traveling up from North Carolina and the gift we got will be used a lot and was just want they wanted. My sister started on her way back home in North Carolina and Mom and I head out to eat.

On Monday, after I eat breakfast, I went and got my tire patched. Mom and I first went to Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company and looked at the gift shop. We wanted to take the tour but they only offer one tour each day at 10 AM. It seemed that they would have do a tour for us if they were not short of staff today. I guess some of their staff were still cleaning up from the tornado the hit Kokomo last Wednesday. The tornado's path past just a block away from the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company. I wanted to see the Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum and the Seiberling Mansion but both were closed today. Mom and I ended looking around some of the stores in Kokomo. Mom and I found some angels to add to her collection back. I found a couple coffee mugs to add to my collection. I would have brought more angels and mugs if I have the extra money. I found a 9 episode dvd disc of Dungeons & Dragons The Animated series for only 99 cents. I brought it because I remember watching it the cartoon when I young. Hey and for 99 cents I figured I could not go wrong.

My niece invited my mom and I for dinner tonight. After our day of exploring Kokomo we enjoyed our visit with Jessica. She told us that the tornado touchdown in the corn yield in that is behind her house. We are happy to report no damage to her house.

I was sadden to hear of the passing on Gene Wilder. I have had many hours of being entertained by him.

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