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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alena and Justin's Wedding

I had an enjoyable time at my nephew Justin's wedding. Everyone was a little worried that a storm would happen since it was an outdoor wedding and the tornadoes a few days ago. The weather cleared in the afternoon and was clear sunny weather for the wedding. One of Justin and Alena's friend's parents let them have their wedding in their backyard. It was a beautiful place for the wedding.

1949 Ford Pickup

The flower girls, Julie my niece, Justin's youngest sister in the right.

The happy couple.

First Kiss

First Dance

Alena and Julie dancing.

Kids dancing

They are so cute.


Jo Anne said...

Im so happy seeing those little cute kids dancing. Congratulations to justin and alena! Longing to have ours one day. Missing you more.

mark lawrence said...

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