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Monday, August 29, 2016

Family Time And Exploring Around Kokomo, Indiana

My trip is coming to a end. Tomorrow mom and I head home. Sunday, mom and I spend our day visiting with family. Monday, we explored around Kokomo, Indiana ending our day having dinner at my niece's house.

Mom and I, stay two extra days on this trip for the wedding to spend time with my niece. We didn't get to see her much on the trip to come to her wedding back in June. We almost did not get to spend much time with her since one of her kids was sick in the hospital. Fortunately, he was released from the hospital, Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we spend at her home with my sister and my other niece and nephews. After our visit we head over to my nephew, Justin's house. Him and his bride thanked us for traveling up from North Carolina and the gift we got will be used a lot and was just want they wanted. My sister started on her way back home in North Carolina and Mom and I head out to eat.

On Monday, after I eat breakfast, I went and got my tire patched. Mom and I first went to Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company and looked at the gift shop. We wanted to take the tour but they only offer one tour each day at 10 AM. It seemed that they would have do a tour for us if they were not short of staff today. I guess some of their staff were still cleaning up from the tornado the hit Kokomo last Wednesday. The tornado's path past just a block away from the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company. I wanted to see the Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum and the Seiberling Mansion but both were closed today. Mom and I ended looking around some of the stores in Kokomo. Mom and I found some angels to add to her collection back. I found a couple coffee mugs to add to my collection. I would have brought more angels and mugs if I have the extra money. I found a 9 episode dvd disc of Dungeons & Dragons The Animated series for only 99 cents. I brought it because I remember watching it the cartoon when I young. Hey and for 99 cents I figured I could not go wrong.

My niece invited my mom and I for dinner tonight. After our day of exploring Kokomo we enjoyed our visit with Jessica. She told us that the tornado touchdown in the corn yield in that is behind her house. We are happy to report no damage to her house.

I was sadden to hear of the passing on Gene Wilder. I have had many hours of being entertained by him.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alena and Justin's Wedding

I had an enjoyable time at my nephew Justin's wedding. Everyone was a little worried that a storm would happen since it was an outdoor wedding and the tornadoes a few days ago. The weather cleared in the afternoon and was clear sunny weather for the wedding. One of Justin and Alena's friend's parents let them have their wedding in their backyard. It was a beautiful place for the wedding.

1949 Ford Pickup

The flower girls, Julie my niece, Justin's youngest sister in the right.

The happy couple.

First Kiss

First Dance

Alena and Julie dancing.

Kids dancing

They are so cute.

Kokomo, Indiana Tornado Damage

I am in Kokomo, Indiana for my nephew's wedding this afternoon. This past week Kokomo and surrounding area was hit by multiple tornadoes. One hit just a short distant down the road from the hotel I am staying at this weekend. We head out this morning to do a little shopping for the wedding and look at the tornado damage.

The neighborhood across from the mall we went too.

The Starbucks Coffee that was damaged in the tornado.

Here is a video of the Starbucks pictured above getting hit by the tornado.

As I said the wedding in this afternoon. I will try to post pictures of it later. I am just glad everyone in my family is ok here in Kokomo. My niece told us that one tornado hit the road behind her house. No damage to her house.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Money Going Out Money Coming In

This past week, has been a week of seeing money going out and coming in. Unfortunately, more money went out then came in but is that how it normally goes.

On Tuesday, my friend and mentor, Keith, came over to replace my meter box on my house. The old meter box was going bad. A couple weeks ago, I lost power in half my house. The power company had to replace he meter and told me I needed to have the meter box replaced.

Thursday night on my way home my alternator on my car out. I got about a mile down the road from work when one of my idiot lights came on. I pulled over into a gas station to check it out. Things checked out okay that I could see but when I got back in the car I could not get my car started. One of my coworkers, saw me stopped and pulled over to see if I needed help. We looked the car over and found that one on the battery cables was loose. Neither one of us, had a socket, wrench of pliers that would work to tighten the cable. My coworker, took me up to the Wal-mart that was nearby to get a pair of pliers. We returned to my car and got the cable tighten and jumped my car. I made it about halfway home before my car completely died on me. At that point, I called AAA to come help me. I had to wait about an hour for the tow truck to get there. He gave my battery a boost. He checked the battery and alternator and found that alternator was not charging the battery. He towed my car to my garage and gave me a ride home. I am going to upgrade my AAA membership.

We are til working overtime at work. This week, I was trained for my back up position at work and I am now ready to feel in when the lead on the dock takes a day off. I learned the things I needed to do on the computer, a lot quicker then I thought I would. My first day feeling in for him is this coming Wednesday.

I sold a couple books this week on my online store. I was able to get a few more books listed too. I hope to work on get some other books listed this week and update some of my oldest listings.

On the money front this past week was a hard one but I am thankful for the blessing God has given me this year. With the overtime not only have I been able to pay off some debt but I have been able to build up my emergency fund. I only used a little of my emergency fund this week. I hope I can get my emergency fund repleted soon.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Songs and Sounds on Saturday: Cameo - Word Up

Here is a song that was played a lot when it came out when I was young. I had a little laugh remembering the clothes that some people wore back in the 1980s.

The idea for Songs and Sounds on Saturday came from A Mixed Bag by Valerie.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Toner For My Printer

I was a printer made my Brother and it works great. I used it mostly to print shipping labels for the books I sell on eBay. I bought it at a local thrifty store 3 or 4 years ago for $10 or $15. One of the guys that works the counter at the post office, tipped me off that there was a guy who buys a new print and will use it until the toner is low. When the toner starts to run out he goes out and buys a new printer and take the old one to the thrift store.

About a month ago, I was trying to print a shipping label for a book I sold and the printer would not print. The toner light was flashing. Since I needed to ship the book, I headed to the office supply store and bought a toner cartridge for about $70. I got home and put the new cartridge worked perfectly. I saved the old cartridge and ordered two new toner cartridges and a new dump on eBay for $28. When I got the new dump last week, I put the new dump and the old cartridge in the printer and the old cartridge worked great. I am glad that I saved the old cartridge.

Ink for the printer is the highest cost for a printer. With my online store I look for ways to save money and still offer high quality service. I am glad I can get the supplies for my print on eBay for a cheap price and they work just as good as the cartridge the office supply store charges $70 for. I can see why the guy who gives his printers to the thrift store does it. The dump and toner cartridge cost almost as much as the new printer. Of course, some of the new printers are setup to where you can only use ink cartridges made by the maker of the printer and the off brand ink cartridges will not work. I hope my printer will work for me for a long time to come. I can afford a new printer but I can not afford the toner cartridges I would have to buy. I do not know about you but $10 for a ink cartridge sounds a whole lot better then $70 for a ink cartridge. I love shopping at thrift stores and eBay because if you take your time and know want to look for you can find some good deals.