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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend Patio Projects

Weekends with time off with enough time to do some work on projects around the house have to rare this year for me. I was glad to get this weekend off. This weekend, I worked on putting gravel down around the fire pit, and fixing up one of the rose bushes on the patio, and getting a new charcoal grill.

Saturday, I started by mowing the lawn, which I have not mowed in two weeks. I try to mow the lawn at least once a week in the summer, skipped a week because of the wedding and the other things going on. I was surprised it did not get that high being so long in between mowing. After, i got done mowing the grass i headed to Lowe's and got the supplies for my projects. I got some bags of pea sized gravel for the fire pit and a four foot trellis for the rose bush.

My sister just pulled into my driveway when I got home from Lowe's. I had my nephew, Victor help me with preparing the fire pit, by pulling the grass and weeds up around the fire pit. Once he finished, I put the gravel down around the fire pit and used a hoe to spread out and smooth out the gravel.

Fire Pit Before

Fire Pit After

With the rose bush, I put the trellis just behind the rose bush and tied the branches to the trellis. I tried to get rose bush all around the trellis and pulled off the ground. My sister, Mary and nephew helped hold the rose bush as I tied the branches to the trellis. I pruned the rose bush a little as I finished tying the branches down.

Rose Bush Before

Rose Bush After

Since I moved into the house, I have wanted to get a new charcoal grill. This weekend I brought a new Weber Jumbo Joe 22-Inch Premium Charcoal Grill. I did not get it put together before the cookout we had for my niece, Vanessa and her kids so we used Mary's old grill. Everyone enjoyed the hamburgers and hot dogs, I cooked. The kids enjoyed roasting the marshmallows with the fire in the fire pit for s'mors. I finally had enough time to myself to put the grill together, Sunday afternoon after getting home from church. The grill was easy to put together. It makes another good part of our enjoyment on the patio.

My new Weber charcoal grill

My back yard is becoming i nicer place to relax and enjoy my free time. I hope when I have more time to have some more parties and cookouts with family and friends.

The patio now after I finished the projects and did some cleaning.

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Jo Anne said...

It looks very nice now my Love. Im happy you able to organized the house little by little. Wishing i was there to help you. I miss you so much. I love you.