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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Promotion At Work

I have been extremely busy over the last two weeks. My two sisters have been dealing with life problems and since mom lives with me, I get to deal with them. I love my family but they drive me crazy at times. My one sister will be moving and I hope it settles things down for her. I hope my other sister gets things settled down enough for her to head to Indiana for her daughter's wedding which is next weekend. She was originally planning to head out Friday night, but she is still trying to work a few things out. She is saying now, that she will head out tonight or on Monday.

I will be head up to Indiana with my mom and brother, Tim, on Friday. This will be my first time to Indiana. I plan on doing a few blog posts on my trip and the wedding. It will be a short trip for me and my mom, I only took off Friday and Monday from work.

Okay, now for the reason for the title of the post. One of the ladies in the shipping office at work retired and I will miss her. When they posted the opening for her job, I put in for the job. Although I know I can do the job, I was not excepting to get the job. I had the interview two weeks ago it went okay. I hate doing interviews. Then there was the wait. I was excepting to hear about the job last week but the HR people involved in the decide were out. Friday night, my one supervisor came up to me and handed me the envelope with the letter they give to everyone who put in for the job. He gave me the letter and did not walk off. My first clue I got the job. I opened the envelope and read the letter. The job was awarded to me. He told me that he will try to get everything setup for me to start on Monday. I will be doing some customer service and making sure things get shipped out right. Along with the job, I get a desk in the shipping office and a little over $2 pay raise. The shipping office has air condition, witch is a bonus for warehouse work. I will not be staying in the office all the time. Most of my time will still be doing things out on the work floor, making sure orders get out on time.

I am excited for my trip and new job at work. I thank God for the blessings in my life.


joeh said...

That is great. Congratulations!!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

joeh ~ Thank You!

Janet, said...

Hi, Dan. Congratulations on your job promotion. Enjoy the air conditioning -- and the pay raise!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Janet ~ Thank You!