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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend Patio Projects

Weekends with time off with enough time to do some work on projects around the house have to rare this year for me. I was glad to get this weekend off. This weekend, I worked on putting gravel down around the fire pit, and fixing up one of the rose bushes on the patio, and getting a new charcoal grill.

Saturday, I started by mowing the lawn, which I have not mowed in two weeks. I try to mow the lawn at least once a week in the summer, skipped a week because of the wedding and the other things going on. I was surprised it did not get that high being so long in between mowing. After, i got done mowing the grass i headed to Lowe's and got the supplies for my projects. I got some bags of pea sized gravel for the fire pit and a four foot trellis for the rose bush.

My sister just pulled into my driveway when I got home from Lowe's. I had my nephew, Victor help me with preparing the fire pit, by pulling the grass and weeds up around the fire pit. Once he finished, I put the gravel down around the fire pit and used a hoe to spread out and smooth out the gravel.

Fire Pit Before

Fire Pit After

With the rose bush, I put the trellis just behind the rose bush and tied the branches to the trellis. I tried to get rose bush all around the trellis and pulled off the ground. My sister, Mary and nephew helped hold the rose bush as I tied the branches to the trellis. I pruned the rose bush a little as I finished tying the branches down.

Rose Bush Before

Rose Bush After

Since I moved into the house, I have wanted to get a new charcoal grill. This weekend I brought a new Weber Jumbo Joe 22-Inch Premium Charcoal Grill. I did not get it put together before the cookout we had for my niece, Vanessa and her kids so we used Mary's old grill. Everyone enjoyed the hamburgers and hot dogs, I cooked. The kids enjoyed roasting the marshmallows with the fire in the fire pit for s'mors. I finally had enough time to myself to put the grill together, Sunday afternoon after getting home from church. The grill was easy to put together. It makes another good part of our enjoyment on the patio.

My new Weber charcoal grill

My back yard is becoming i nicer place to relax and enjoy my free time. I hope when I have more time to have some more parties and cookouts with family and friends.

The patio now after I finished the projects and did some cleaning.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jessica's Wedding

This weekend, I went to my niece's Wedding in Indiana. The wedding was held at an event center near Grissom Air Reserve Base in Peru, Indiana. This was my first trip to Indiana.

Field in back of hotel.
My mom and I, followed my brother, Tim and his wife up to Kokomo, Indiana where my niece lives. We had a 9 hour drive including the stops for gas and bathroom breaks. On the way up to Indiana, we only had to slow down for one accident. When we got to Kokomo, we stopped at the hotel my brother stay at the time he had gone up to Indiana before. They only had one room left and the lady at the front desk have rude. We left and looked for another hotel. We ended up at the Hampton Inn in Kokomo. The Front Desk was very friendly and helpful. They gave us the wedding rate for the weekend. Their was four weddings in town this weekend. The hotel was very nice and even with being full it was quiet in our room. Mom and I plan to stay their when we go back up in August for my nephew's wedding. Our only problem was it is hard to see the sign in one direction from the road and you have to cut through the parking lot of other businesses to get to the hotel.

After, we got checked into the hotel, we went to dinner at Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery. We ended up waiting for almost an hour to be seated. They were very busy due to the schools in the area having Graduation. The food was good and worth the wait.

Saturday morning, after doing some last minute shopping for the wedding, we headed to my niece's house. We spend a little time with my niece and the groom before they head out for the wedding. My mom help my sister and niece with final preparations.

The corn field in back of my niece's house.

My youngest niece, Julie, was the flower girl.

Bride being given-away by her grandfather, her dad's father.

The exchanging of the vows.

Exchanging of the Rings.

The first kiss.

Presentation of the couple.

The wedding cake.

This was the first time that I have been with all my sister's kids together. I was happy to get a picture of all my family there. This picture was my mom, my sister and all six of her kids and their significant other and their kids, my brother and his wife and me.

I enjoyed my vacation and look forward to my trip in August. I will try to work it out where I can stay a couple more day to spend more time with my family.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Shopping With Mom

Mom needed to get a new dress for my niece's wedding coming up next weekend. We decided to go looking around Asheville after mom got off work today.

Before going to the stores, we stop at Juicy Lucy's Burger Bar and Grill for dinner. Mom wanted to try it out and also see an old coworker. She got to saw her former coworker. We both enjoyed our meals. Juicy Lucy specializes in burgers that have cheese cooked in the middle of the hamburger paddy.

After eating, we head to T.J. Maxx. Mom found a dress she liked but it did not fit. It was just a little too small. We looked a little more and did not find anything else. After awhile, we decided to head to Marshalls near the airport. We did not find anything there so we walked a couple doors down to Ross Dress for Less. Mom found two dresses that she liked. Once she tried them on and made sure they fit, we looked around and got a couple things for the house.

The dresses mom picked out.

I have been looks for a new door mat for the front door for a while. I decided to get this one tonight.

Mom picked this out to hung on the wall. She said she got it for my sister's kids.

I am looking forward to my trip next weekend to the wedding. My sister, Mary, started up to Indiana early this morning. I will spend this week getting the car and myself ready. My sister, Lisa, will come and stay at the house to take care of Rayna. I hope to get some good pictures to share here on the blog.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Promotion At Work

I have been extremely busy over the last two weeks. My two sisters have been dealing with life problems and since mom lives with me, I get to deal with them. I love my family but they drive me crazy at times. My one sister will be moving and I hope it settles things down for her. I hope my other sister gets things settled down enough for her to head to Indiana for her daughter's wedding which is next weekend. She was originally planning to head out Friday night, but she is still trying to work a few things out. She is saying now, that she will head out tonight or on Monday.

I will be head up to Indiana with my mom and brother, Tim, on Friday. This will be my first time to Indiana. I plan on doing a few blog posts on my trip and the wedding. It will be a short trip for me and my mom, I only took off Friday and Monday from work.

Okay, now for the reason for the title of the post. One of the ladies in the shipping office at work retired and I will miss her. When they posted the opening for her job, I put in for the job. Although I know I can do the job, I was not excepting to get the job. I had the interview two weeks ago it went okay. I hate doing interviews. Then there was the wait. I was excepting to hear about the job last week but the HR people involved in the decide were out. Friday night, my one supervisor came up to me and handed me the envelope with the letter they give to everyone who put in for the job. He gave me the letter and did not walk off. My first clue I got the job. I opened the envelope and read the letter. The job was awarded to me. He told me that he will try to get everything setup for me to start on Monday. I will be doing some customer service and making sure things get shipped out right. Along with the job, I get a desk in the shipping office and a little over $2 pay raise. The shipping office has air condition, witch is a bonus for warehouse work. I will not be staying in the office all the time. Most of my time will still be doing things out on the work floor, making sure orders get out on time.

I am excited for my trip and new job at work. I thank God for the blessings in my life.