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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vacation Day 2: DuPont State Forest

Today's plan was to was to go swimming and hiking at DuPont State Forest between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina with my friend, Seth. Due to the cool temperatures, we decided not to go swimming. Seth and I went hiking to High Falls and Grass Creek Falls with my dog, Rayna. The cooler temperatures and the rainy weather made for a nice hike.

View of High Falls from the trail going down to High Falls.

This is the bottom of High Falls, I would have gotten closer to the falls if I did not have Rayna with me.

The top of High Falls from the covered bridge that goes over the water over the falls. Remember it is unsafe to swim and wade in the water above the waterfalls. You could be seriously injured and killed.

This is the covered bridge above High Falls.

A creek that runs under the trail to Grassy Creek Falls.

A fire pit by Grassy Creek Falls. I guess it is from the time the property was owned by the DuPont Company.

Seth and I enjoyed a broke sit next to the water of the Grassy Creek Falls. I think, I may go back to Grassy Creek Falls to take time to do some writing.

Rayna enjoying the water. I am a little surprised Rayna, did as much walking in the water as much as she did since she does not like water.

The covered bridge as we were heading back from Grassy Creek Falls to the car.

The best part of hiking in DuPont State Park is a lot of the trails are service roads and have lots of flowers along side.

After our hike at DuPont State Forest, Seth and I headed back to my house to drop Rayna off and pickup mom. When Mom got off from work, we all headed out to Brevard, North Carolina for dinner at Twins Dragons Chinese Buffet and to walk in downtown Brevard. It was a enjoyable and relaxing day.


joeh said...

i enjoyed the hike with you. Covered bridges are very cool.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

joeh ~ I am enjoyed you enjoyed the pictures from the hike. I hope to get out and hike some more this summer.