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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Celebrating Mom On Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day especially if you are a mother. I treated my mother out to dinner at Olive Garden. I also ended up paying for my two sisters and my niece and nephews dinner because mom wanted Mary and the kids it join us. My brother Tim was planning to join us. He had to reschedule dinner with mom since mom had to work later in the afternoon and he had to work tonight.

Mom has done a lot for my brothers, sisters and I over the years. My mom had seven kids, four boys and three girls. My mother and father got devoured when I was 4 or 5 years old. My grandparents, her parents raised me, my mom raised the rest of my brothers and sisters with help from my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. Life was not easy but I mom did the best she could for all us kids. She would work her job and come home and still train her kids how to live.

Mom enjoyed her dinner. I was impressed with the service we got from our waitress. My nephew spilled his water. The waitress was right there with napkins to help clean the spill up. She was glad to spend time with her kids and grand-kids. After dinner we heading home and made s'mors and toast marshmallows.


joeh said...

Sound like Mom deserved being waited on and served a nice meal!

L. D. said...

Olive Garden is one of my favorites. The salad and bread sticks can fill you up.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Joeh ~ Yes, Mom deserves to be waited on and served a nice meal. She enjoyed it.

L. D. ~ I did enjoy the salad and breadsticks. I would say that they are the best part of the meal at Olive Garden.