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Friday, May 20, 2016

Photo Of The Week: The Ravens

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vacation Day 2: DuPont State Forest

Today's plan was to was to go swimming and hiking at DuPont State Forest between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina with my friend, Seth. Due to the cool temperatures, we decided not to go swimming. Seth and I went hiking to High Falls and Grass Creek Falls with my dog, Rayna. The cooler temperatures and the rainy weather made for a nice hike.

View of High Falls from the trail going down to High Falls.

This is the bottom of High Falls, I would have gotten closer to the falls if I did not have Rayna with me.

The top of High Falls from the covered bridge that goes over the water over the falls. Remember it is unsafe to swim and wade in the water above the waterfalls. You could be seriously injured and killed.

This is the covered bridge above High Falls.

A creek that runs under the trail to Grassy Creek Falls.

A fire pit by Grassy Creek Falls. I guess it is from the time the property was owned by the DuPont Company.

Seth and I enjoyed a broke sit next to the water of the Grassy Creek Falls. I think, I may go back to Grassy Creek Falls to take time to do some writing.

Rayna enjoying the water. I am a little surprised Rayna, did as much walking in the water as much as she did since she does not like water.

The covered bridge as we were heading back from Grassy Creek Falls to the car.

The best part of hiking in DuPont State Park is a lot of the trails are service roads and have lots of flowers along side.

After our hike at DuPont State Forest, Seth and I headed back to my house to drop Rayna off and pickup mom. When Mom got off from work, we all headed out to Brevard, North Carolina for dinner at Twins Dragons Chinese Buffet and to walk in downtown Brevard. It was a enjoyable and relaxing day.

Vacation Day 1: House And Online Store Work

I have been working a lot of overtime the past few mouths at work and I am happy to say we are slowly seeing the overtime deceasing. I liked the extra money and managed to save some of it and pay off some debt. I decided to take two day off to get caught up on some house work and to relax a little.

The first day of my days off was to be working on doing things around the house. In the morning after took mom to work, I took a little more sleep. I took the trash and recyclables to the dump. I had a hair appointment in the afternoon. After get my haircut, I got a new day-pack at the sporting goods store on Main Street in town. One I got back home I started on finishing up sorting and organizing the bubble wrap I use for my eBay store. I had about thirty bags of bubble wrap to go through today that was just piled up in the back of my garage. With the bags I managed to do before today and the ones I did today I got the down to 18 bags of bubble wrap. Most are filled with bubble wrap that is cut into sheets that are just the right size to wrap standard size books. I sorted out two other size sheets that I use for bigger books. I have 4 bags of odd sizes and colored bubble wrap. Taking the bubble wrap sorted and organization is my first step in getting the garage organized. I'm off to a good start on that project. Organization the bubble wrap also another step in improving things for my online store.

Tomorrow, I plan to head out to DuPont State Forest with my friend, Seth to go swimming and do a little hiking. If the rain holds off it will be a good day of exploring. I hope I will be about to get my mind off of things at work and other things going on outside of work.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Celebrating Mom On Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day especially if you are a mother. I treated my mother out to dinner at Olive Garden. I also ended up paying for my two sisters and my niece and nephews dinner because mom wanted Mary and the kids it join us. My brother Tim was planning to join us. He had to reschedule dinner with mom since mom had to work later in the afternoon and he had to work tonight.

Mom has done a lot for my brothers, sisters and I over the years. My mom had seven kids, four boys and three girls. My mother and father got devoured when I was 4 or 5 years old. My grandparents, her parents raised me, my mom raised the rest of my brothers and sisters with help from my grandparents and my aunt and uncle. Life was not easy but I mom did the best she could for all us kids. She would work her job and come home and still train her kids how to live.

Mom enjoyed her dinner. I was impressed with the service we got from our waitress. My nephew spilled his water. The waitress was right there with napkins to help clean the spill up. She was glad to spend time with her kids and grand-kids. After dinner we heading home and made s'mors and toast marshmallows.