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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Survived The First Week Of The New Computer System

Monday was the first day of live use of the new computer system at the warehouse where I work. This week was a crazy week. Monday night I stood around a lot. The few orders I did get the computer seemed to stop communicate with the server a lot. Tuesday, I picked a lot more but was still having the communication problem. At one point, I was tempted to throw the handheld I was using at the wall. I am glad that on Wednesday and Thursday they had me pick some orders off paper or otherwise I would have lost my mind. Friday and Saturday things went a lot smoother since the computer guys got a lot of the bugs worked out. There still are a lot of bugs to work out but most of them are in other parts of the warehouse.

It looks like I'll be working a lot of overtime for the next several weeks. I do believe once the bugs are worked out and everyone gets used to the new computer system things will return back to normal at work. They are calling for a winter storm this week but it does not seem like it will too bad.