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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Starting The Year Trying To Catch Up

I have started 2016 out trying to catch up on the house work and work on my online store. In December, I worked a lot of overtime at work. I was planning to use my time off on my Christmas break to get caught up on the house cleaning I need to do. That did not happen since I got sick the day after Christmas and got nothing done around the house.

This weekend, I and glad to say I managed to make good process on the house work. I got all the Christmas decorations down. I still need to storage them up I am working on organization the garage. Part of organizing the garage is sorting and consolidating the bubble wrap I use for my online store. I got it about three-quarters the way done and the bubble wrap looks like it will take less then half the room it was taking up before I started. I even found some boxes that I use for my online store. I am off to a good start on the garage. I priced some shelves to put in the garage to help organize it. I am glad that the shelves where less expensive that I was thinking they would be. I hope to start getting the shelves later this month.

Today I got around to setting up a new log for my online store. I need to go through the books I got listed on eBay and my room for the books I have listed but do not have on the shelves where I keep my listed books. Once I get that done I need to vacuum my office and my bedroom.

I need to shredded some paper for my compost pile and the recycling. I need to found I screen to use to sift the part of the compost pile that is already dirt and the part that til need to turn into dirt.

I have a lot of projects to do around the house. I need to do a better job on working on the different projects.

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