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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Starting To Clear The Snow

Today was a nice day to get out and walk and work on cleaning up after the snow storm. I measured 9 inches of snow in the backyard today. I figured there was 9 to 12 inches in the yard depending where you measured. On the local news said the main part of town got almost 16 inches of snow.

It was cold and windy but I was still able to do the work I needed to do outside. I decided with the amount of snow and the condition of the road not to go out anywhere again today. My mom's boss was not happy mom called out of work again but risking our lives and at the least damage to my car for the minimum wage he pays her is not worth it. I get paid twice as much at my job and I would have called off of work if I did have off already. Besides he could do what the old manage would do and come pick mom and take her to work. Even if I took her to work, he most likely would not show appreciation.

I hope to get out tomorrow. I feel, I will be able to get out to the main road but, I worry about being able to make it back up to the house. I will have some cat liter in the car if I need it.

The driveway before I got around to clearing the snow off it.

Rayna and I walked down to the main road around 2 PM.

One of my neighbors got his tractor out and scraped the lower part of the neighborhood. Hope the state will be able to scrap and salt the neighborhood Sunday.

The main was was still white when I checked it at 2 PM. I saw two DOT trucks go by as I was down checking the main road.

The kids in the neighborhood made good use of the snow and the hills.

While I worked on clearing the driveway, my mom cleaned off the car.

I managed to get the driveway cleared so I hopefully get out tomorrow to take mom to work. I shoveled a little and then I would go back inside to rest and warm back up. I got the driveway done in three stages. I threw some ice melt down on the sidewalk and driveway.

Here is the road at the end of the day. Only four-wheel drive was going in and out in my neighborhood. One truck slide into the ditch on the road behind my house. He was able to get back out without assistance.

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