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Monday, December 07, 2015

My View on The San Benardino Attack

With you the terrorist attack in San Benardino, California last week lots of people have ask my opinion on the issues that have come up as we learn more about the people behind the attack. The issues of gun control, immigration and radical Islam. We live in a world in which some people do evil things to others who are a different race, come from a different place and / or whole different beliefs. Evil should be called evil no matter who does it. The two that carried out the terrorist attack were part of the radical Islam movement. I do not believe or do I condemn all people who follow the religion of Islam. I know a few Muslims and I do not believe they would carry out such acts. They work hard to support their families and better their lives just as I do. Calling these terrorist members of radical Islam is not declaring war on all Muslims. I stand with Muslims who stand against radical Islam. Every time their is a mass shooting there are people that talk about banning guns. These shooting are not a gun problem but a heart issue. Guns are tools and like all tools, there is a right way to use they and a wrong way. Instead of banning the use of guns, we should ensure people are educated in the proper use and care of guns. Guns should be used to provide food and protection. Guns should not be flashed around. Their are ways to care a gun that people will never know you have a gun on you. If you are in a mass shooting and you have a gun you should use your guns to get yourself and others to safety and leaving confronting the suspects to the police. As my regular followers to this blog know I have been working on getting my Love, Jo Anne here. I do get upset when I hear about these people that carry out these terrorist attack and they come into the United States on a Visa. Jo Anne and I want to better our lives and better the United States and use the blessings of the United States to help other people. I does not trust the government's vetting process. I was questions about if the information giving on their application was verified. Did they get the express treatment? Is it harder for the government to verify then me to verify someone address? I support people coming to the United States to better themselves and the lives of their families. I do not support people coming here to kill people. Maybe when someone comes here on a Visa they should have to check-in with the government every so often. Maybe doing a more detailed background especially when a person is coming from a country know for where terrorist come from and or support of terrorist groups. In time I will go into my details on where I stand on these issues but I do not what this blog to become full of political stuff.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Jason's 11th Birthday Dinner

Tonight, Mom and I treated my nephew, Jason out for his eleventh birthday. We went to the Flat Rock Wood Room in Flat Rock, North Carolina. It is hard to believe Jason is already eleven years old. It does not seem that long ago that he was born. A lot of people say he looks a lot like me.

Jason getting ready Pulled Pork Bar-b-Que sandwich.

I had the Flat Rock Special Pinino.

They had a nice Christmas Tree on the front deck.

The three of us enjoyed our dinner. I believe Jason enjoyed getting away from his brother and sister for a little bit.

Songs and Sounds on Saturday: Air Supply - Lost In Love

Growing up the best love songs came from the music group Air Supply. Their songs still speak to your heart when your in love.