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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Jury Duty, Work Going Ons, And One Hairy Dog

This was a hard week for me. I had jury duty and had several things going on at work and I managed to brush my dog today.

I was summons appear at the courthouse Tuesday for jury duty. I see why people complain about having to go to jury duty because it takes up your whole day even if you are not selected to serve on a jury and you have to sit through lawyers asking people the same questions over and over again. I was not selected for the jury for the case they had scheduled for the day. I was not even called to the jury box to be seated on the jury. Even if I was I am sure I would have been dismissed from the jury because I know the district attorney and the judge presiding over the case was my mother's lawyer when she divorced my dad. The trial was attempted murder case. Some guy nearly beat his wife to death. At the end of the trial he was found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

I had one of my coworkers complain to my lead because I was not doing the same type of orders that he was this week. I hate when people who goof off try to get people like me who work hard to get our job done in trouble. I do not complain to management about somebody's else work unless it may cause someone to get hurt. I am too busy doing my job to worry what someone else is doing. My lead may not like my reaction the next time he comes to me and tells me some goofball complained about how I am doing my job. I do my job the way I was trained to do it. I do not need someone who is afraid of doing more work then he has to do. I will make sure I grab as many of the kinds of orders as I can when I see then put out to be picked now even if I know I while not be able to finish them. I guess I am pissed off about it because the orders I was working on makes the warehouse more money then the orders I was told I must work on because some lazy idiot complained.

I picked out my benefits for next year. I basically got the same thing I have this year. It will cost me $5 more a week for it. I hope I get a raise to cover the extra money. I believe the few things that have change is worth the raise in price. I should hear about the pay raise by the end of the year although last year they were late with the raise.

I manage to comb Rayna today. I was surprised she stay still long enough for me to comb most of her fur. I got a lot of hair off of her. I will try sometime this weekend to give her a bath which is always I pain. Rayna is the only dog I know that does not like water.

Rayna's hair from the combing


Valerie said...

My dog didn't like water unless it was black with mud. Then, he'd jump in without having to be told. I was once called for jury duty but was excused because I worked for police and probation and could possibly know the defendant(s). I wasn't a bit upset that I couldn't go!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ If my name was called to be on the jury, I would be dismissed. I know the judge, the DA, and many of the defense lawyers.