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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Lamp Another Thrift Store Find

After I got my haircut this morning, I went looking around two thrift stores. I wa looking for some shirts for work but could not find any in my size I liked. That the thrift store in the store center down the road from the house I found a lamp I thought my mom will like for $2.50. We needed better lighting in the living room and I believe the lamp will help.

The lamp I got today goes with the lamp my friend and mentor, Keith and his wife gave us a couple weeks ago.

I am still looking for new end tables and a coffee table for the living room. I am having a hard time finding end tables and a coffee table that I like for I price I can pay. It is nice to get little things for the house especially that do not cost so much. I am should I like find and get everything I am looking to get for the house to make it more like the home my mom, Jo Anne, and I want.


Valerie said...

Even getting new lamps is progress, Dan. The rest will come in good time.

joeh said...

$2.50 for that lamp? That is stealing!