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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Taking The Kids Swimming At Fawn Lake

There the three day weekend with Memorial Day on Monday, I planned to do a lot more then is turning out to be going on. Saturday, I worked a little around the house. I still need to finish working on the back room of the garage. My friend, Keith, came and switched out the outlet for the new light and removed the old light. I can turn the light on with the switch by the door instead of having to walk to the light and pull the cord. I removed the old boards that the old owner of the house had his tool hanging. I plan to put up shelves and a freezer for storage. I still need to clean out some on the mess I have in there before a get the shelves up and buy the freeze. Maybe I will get it done tomorrow while mom is at work.

Saturday after mom got off from work, mom and I went to the annual Garden Jubilee on Main Street in Hendersonville, North Carolina. I was a little disappointed this year because I did not see any thing that caught my eye. I hoped to see something to gave me an idea for my yard. But not all was lost because I did get a good laugh reading a bumper stick on the back of a stop sign near the courthouse.

Sunday went a little more as I planned it. I took my sister and her kids and my mom out to DuPont State Forest to go swimming. The kids handled the four-tenths of a mile walk better then I thought they would. We all enjoyed the water. There was a lot of people at Fawn Lake but not as much as at Hooker and Triple falls.

My nephew, Jason, enjoying the water.

My nephew, Victor, enjoying the water. My sister behind him going to get my niece.

My niece, Julie, waiting for her mother before getting in the water.

My mom enjoying her time with the grandchildren.

The kids what want to go hiking the next time we go to DuPont State Forest. I may take them to the airstrip and the farm.

One more day to go on my three day weekend. I hope to do most of what I have planned for tomorrow. I planned on getting mom out for breakfast but my mom have her day off cancelled so out outing was pushed back until he gets off from work. We will head up to Asheville and I plan to post of our adventure tomorrow night when we get home.


Valerie said...

Great post, Dan, and I really liked the gag about the government. I must remember to show it to hubby.

L. D. said...

It seems like people could go swimming now as it has started to warm up here. We have been too cold for weeks.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ I glad you liked it.

L. D. ~ I am glad it is start to warm up there. I heard it is taking a while to warm up this year where you live.