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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Special Mother's Day For Mom

Mom does a lot for me. Since she lives with me she does most of the cleaning around the home and the cooking too. Of course, there is all the love she has show over the years. I wanted to make this Mother's Day this year special for mom. I think I succeeded in doing it.

When mom woke in the morning she come into the kitchen to this:

A couple days ago I found an angel in one of the consignment stores I stop at once in awhile on my way to work. I saw a nice angel for $15. Mom loves to collects angels. I am always looking for angels for her.

On the way home Saturday night, I stopped and got a card and flowers to go with the angel at the store. I got a flower in a pot so we can plant it in the yard later. The flower fell over on the way home and got the card a little wet but not too bad.

Mom had to work a few hours this morning. After, church I pickup her up and took her home to clean up and change her clothes. Then we heading to Ryan's, which is a buffet restaurant in Asheville to meet up with my brother, Tim. We leave the choice of where to eat to mom. After lunch, mom and I visited my sister, Mary and her kids and then my brother, Stephen and sister, Lisa.

She was happy to see most of the family on Mother's Day.


Valerie said...

You did your mom proud, Dan. What a lovely day she must have had.

DeniseinVA said...

You are a wonderful son and your Mother must be a very special lady.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie and Denise ~ My mom has do a lot for kids over the year. Mom and I take care of one another. I am happy to say see enjoy her day.