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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Enjoying Nature And Having A Relaxing Weekend

My friend, Seth, and I heading out to DuPont State Forest on Saturday with Rayna my dog for a swim and a hike. Before, we heading out to DuPont State Forest, we dropped a new refrigerator off to my brother Steven and ate lunch at the new Burgerworx in town. Steven lives in a group home and the small refrigerator we got him when he first moved in there stopped working last week. Seth helped me get a new one at the store for Steven and carry it into Steven's room. the new one is a lot bigger then his old one. Steven will be able to fit more drinks and snacks in it. After leaving Steven's house, Seth and I, stopped at Burgerworx on the south-side of Hendersonville. It was my first time at a Burgerworx and I enjoyed it. You can customize your burgers. The fries taste really good even when they get cold.

After lunch, we headed on up to DuPont State Forest. We went to the Fawn Lake Access Area to go swimming and hiking a little.

The entance to the parking area.

Fawn Lake were we went swimming. Seth and I enjoyed the water. Rayna did not enjoy it so much.

After swimming for a little while we head up the trail to the old airstrip. This is one of the many blackberry bashes we saw in bloom.

I notice they fixed up the old hangar at the airstrip since I was out there last summer. It looks nice.

View from the Hangar looking down to the end of the airstrip. The spot at the end is a group of bikers. There were a lot of people out with there bikes this weekend at the forest.

This a the view from the end of the airstrip. I am glad my camera has a panoramic setting. Click on the picture to see a bigger view.

Seth was kind enough to take a picture of Rayna and me at the end of the airstrip with the view in the back. Rayna enjoyed the hike a lot better then the swim.

Looking down the airstrip from the end to the other end.

We started to head back to Fawn Lake after taking pictures at the end of the airstrip. On the the side of the airstrip there was some daisies growing.

We headed back to town and picked up my mom from work. Then I dropped Seth off at his home and headed home myself.

Mom and I ordered pizza for dinner and eat dinner on the patio. While I was eating, was watching the squirrels feeding their young in the nest in the tree in my neighbor's yard. It was a end of on a day enjoying the outdoors.

Sunday was spend resting after church. I have a long week ahead at work with overtime schedule everyday and a meeting to go to on Tuesday. Thank God, next weekend is supposed to be a three day weekend.


Betsy Adams said...

Oh how we love the Dupont area. We go there for the waterfalls.. SO gorgeous...

Thanks for stopping by.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Betsy ~ I love the DuPont Forest too. I hope to explore a little more up there this summer.