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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Checking New Stores Out In Asheville

I was surprised to have tonight of from work since we have been working a lot of overtime. I was happy to

get the night off some I could take mom to the new Publix and the new outlet stores in Asheville, North Carolina. Publix opened their first store in the Asheville area after years of hearing they where coming in the area. Publix is a Florida based grocery store chain. Mom has been bugging me to take her to Publix when it opens since the announce the store was coming to South Asheville. Mom and I enjoyed looking around the new Publix. We brought a couple things but it was hard to really do any shopping since they were so busy today. They opened on Wednesday and people are still coming to the store to check they out. Many people have been waiting for Publix to come into the area. I hope they open a store in Hendersonville closer to my house. Until then I am sure mom and I will make a trip to Asheville once in a while to shop at Publix store.

After checking out Publix, Mom and I headed over to the Asheville Outlets that just opened Friday. I enjoyed seeing the stores that are there and going to open soon. It is nice that when I want to going shopping at outlet store I do not have to go to South Carolina, Tennessee or Georgia now. I guess I will go back to the outlet store by my self some time so I can check the stores out better. I did look around in the Nike Store. It was smaller store that some of the other outlet stores I been too. I wish companies like Nike, that had outlet stores would carry close if not all of their product lineups. I liked the new Asheville Outlets and they are a great replacement for the Biltmore Square Mall which over the years had become little more then the indoor flea market. It is nice how they basically just removed the roof off the center part of the old mall. They have parts of the walkways are covered. Even with it begin busy there it seemed to be relaxing.

Today turned out to be a great day for shopping or at least looking around the stores.


Valerie said...

It is always good to have stores nearer to home. It will be useful for you when Jo Anne comes.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ It is nice to have stores closer to home. Since more of the grocery store here gone Supercenter they seem to be farther away. I miss the neighborhood store that died out while I grew up. I am sure Jo Anne will enjoy looking around the stores here.