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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paperwork,Trip Preparation, and Allergies

The last two weeks have been busy and interesting. I had what seemed like endless paperwork to do. I got the tickets and insurance for my trip setup. After all that my allergies acted up this past week.

I have been working on some paperwork for the last several weeks. I wanted to get it done before Easter but I failed at that attempt. I could not find a piece of paper I needed to finish it but I did find it after taking care of family over Easter. I managed to get the paperwork finished this past week.

In my last post, I announced that my vacation time was approved at work. I now have my tickets for my flight to the Philippines. I even extended my trip by a day and saved myself $100. I sprung for the travel insurance too. I am excited to have everything setup now. I cannot wait to be off to see my Love, Jo Anne. Jo Anne and I are trying to schedule out my time there so we can make the most of the short time I have. We are hoping we hear good news on her Visa before my trip.

This past week my allergies hit really bad this week. My eyes and nose have been burning. Nose have been running and I have been coughing like crazy. I would have done some posts here on the blog it I was not so drain of energy due to my allergies. I am still coughing but I am feeling better.

I am planning and hoping to focus a little more on doing more post on the blog now I have the paperwork I was working on done. Of course, I will make updates on my preparation for my upcoming trip to the Philippines.


DeniseinVA said...

Exciting for you to be going to meet up with your Love, Jo Anne. I am real happy for you. Sorry about the allergies.

Valerie said...

Your excitement shows, Dan. I too hope the visa situation is resolved. You and Jo Anne have waited long enough.

Jo Anne said...

I'm really excited to see you soon my Love. I keep counting the days until you get back here. I keep my faith that God will approve my visa so I can go back home with you. I miss you and I love you very much my Love.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Denise and Valerie ~ I am so excited about my trip. I wish I was leaving today.

Jo Anne ~ I cannot wait for your Visa to be approved. I cannot wait to be with you again. Mahal na mahal kita!