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Friday, April 03, 2015

Day Of Rest And Working On Some House Projects

I had Good Friday off from work which has given me a long weekend. I did not do everything I planned to do today. I decided to take some extra rest instead of working on all the things I planned on doing. I did do a couple projects around the house after I rested most of the day.

The first project, I worked on was cleaning the area of the property on the outside of the fence in the back yard. I picked up the trash I could reach. There is some trash in the brushes that I cannot reach. I guess I will leave the mess there for now. I thinking of doing a fire to clear the area out. I will check with the fire department on the best way to do that. I know right now is not a good time to burn since there has been three wildfires in the area. One of them has burned over 700 acres. The last report I heard this afternoon it was 90 percent contained. I cleared the leaves off the steps from the back gate to the road. I will need to do some more work on that part of the property later.

The other project has been in the works for several weeks in the making. I needed to replace the shop light in the back room in the garage. The light was working before I brought the house but has not worked since I moved in. The reason it has been a project has been several weeks in the making is finding a new shop light. I was looking at getting a LED light from Lowe's but they are having an issue with the supplier of the light I wanted to get. I got a tip that Sam's Club had a LED shop light too. The light I was going to get at Lowe's was a hard wire light. The one at Sam's Club is plugged in a outlet. I got the light from Sam's Club last Sunday. I got it put up this afternoon. In the end the light from Sam's Club is brighter and cost less. I will have my friends Keith come over javascript:void(0);some time and take the old light out and put a new outlet in it's place. I will use the new outlet to plug the new light in so I can the outlet that I am using now for other things. I plan to clean out the back room now and setup the shelves for storage. Once I get the back room setup, I should have an easier time to organize the garage better.

Tomorrow, I will try to work a little more on the garage. I will check on the things I need to projects I plan for the front and back yard. I also need to install new outlets in my bed room. I have been thinking about rearranging my room but I will need to replace the outlets first. When I have the money I need to get new dresser set for my room. I most likely will wait for Jo Anne to get here so she can help pick out the new furniture.

I am glad the weather is getting warmer and the days longer. I hope to get some go projects done out in the yard and in the house.

I will be posting a exciting announcement tomorrow about something happening for Jo Anne and I. We cannot wait for it to happen.


DeniseinVA said...

We have quite a few home projects we need to do here also.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Denise ~ There are always a few home projects to do. I hope you get most of them done.